New protection issue

Any help please! I’ve recently bought a new release"wrong turn 2". I have ran Anydvd, Dvd decrypter, Dvdfab hd decrypter, and dvd shrink. anydvd doesn’t seem to show any issue,However when i go to encode and shrink. All of the programs i’ve tried hang up. with I/o errors. and cyclic redundency errors. Is there anything that bypasses the new protections.

This may be one of the titles you have to use the built-in ripper that comes with AnyDVD.

Start Anydvd, load the disk, let the program do the decryption, then right click on the fox icon in the taskbar. Hit Rip DVD Video to Harddisk.

Once it is on the hard drive, you should be able to work with it using DVDShrink.

tried the ripper. this still gave an error.

What is the exact error message ?? may help

any dvd ripper error is=
fileIO 3VTS_01_4.VOB __________________And then a long number after.
Any other thoughts

How far into the ripping process do you get? If it doesn’t occur very near the start of the disk, you may be experiencing something other than protection built into the disk. Have you checked for dirt, smudges, scratches, or fingerprints?

Also, you might try turning off the AI scanner in AnyDVD.

This is a new dvd. looks pretty good. I tried the turning off of the AI scanner but same result. it is usually in the middle of the process. any other thoughts. or maybe some other freeware to crack it.

In the middle usually is near the layer break. Did you try it in another PC or using a different burner? Sometimes I buy something on a disc that will not be read on one of my PC’s.

Does the dvd play ok on the computer? Or does it freeze for a while in the middle of the movie?

I’d like to see a transfer rate test on this dvd, but that is asking a bit much from a newcomer. My bet is on a defect in the disk or a very poorly mastered dvd rather than any new protection scheme.

DVDFab HD Decrypter just got updated,try with that…But as kerry56 suggested,check disc for defects…

I don’t have another pc to try it on. I have tried the combinations of dvd shrink, dvd decrypter,dvdfab hd decrypter,& ripit4me. With no luck. So im guessing that it is the dvd itself. To bad I cant return it to the store for a new one. Thanks all for your help.

It seems like it is the DVD, but you really won’t be able to tell unless you try it on another pc. Try to track down someone with a burner… best of luck.