New protection found



Since this is my first posting here let me assure you i have read the threads about what to do if you found a new protection, however in this case the suggestions in those threads don’t work.

Title: Wer früher stirbt, ist länger tot
Country: Germany, RC2
Release date: 22nd February 2007
AnyDVD version used:

When i insert the DVD AnyDVD disables itself stating the disc is defect.
So i had a friend check his DVD and he encounters the identical problems, so it is safe to assume the disc is not defect.

Here is the AnyDVD message for the disc:
"Summary for drive E: (AnyDVD
HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H22N 1.00 06/08/05
Drive (Hardware) Region: 2

Media is a Data DVD.
Booktype: dvd-rom (version 1), Layers: 2 (opposite)
Size of first Layer: 1853440 sectors (3620 MBytes)
Total size: 3025127 sectors (5908 MBytes)

Media is CSS protected!
Video Standard: PAL
Media is locked to region(s): 2!

Warning: .bup file location is wrong, .bup processing disabled!"

The next strange thing, Windows shows the size of the disc to be 15,2 GB, also confirmed by my friend.
There are 6 IFO files on the discs, two of those have a size of 976 MB each, which is why i cant send them to Slysoft.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?


Hast du mit ripit4me ausprobiert?


This is the english section.
This is probably a new protection, because NO program (dvdFab, anydvd) could make it. Ripit4me stops after two hours of working.
I guess this is a new version of protect dvd-video protection. It was used the first time on Silent Hill (rent version).
And I can tell you this is also a rented version now, because in germany it is only avaiable to rent, but you can’t buy it yet.
Would be curious if the dvd will play on pc. Silent hill didn’t until the udf patch.


I heard of someone, that himself heard from someone else, that ripit4me was able to rip it. I have no idea about the source of the DVD. Ripping rented DVDs is illegal.


However peervh (slysoft member) will look into it.

Ripping rented DVDs is illegal

Yes, but if you [U]buy[/U] a this dvd from a rent store, anydvd should also be able to circumvent it.


First of all, i have the retail version, it is not available in stores but distributors get their stock sooner.
I just tried ripit4me and it will rip the disc but the resulting files are messed up. The menus dont work properly, the movie wont start at the beginning but shows the trailers instead.


@ whatthehell,

For calcification are you stating that the original Commercial DVD Movie Title “Wer früher stirbt, ist länger tot” or the backup copy you made using ripit4me has the above quoted problem?

Does the original Commercial DVD Movie Title “Wer früher stirbt, ist länger tot” play properly without errors?

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Send the .IFO files to


Either go to Slysoft’s forum and post or wait till James stops by here.


Send the .IFO files to
If you read my initial posting that isn’t an option since two of the IFO files are each around 1 GB.

bjkg: The original DVD works fine on my PCs, the ripped one doesnt play correctly. It seems the navigation gets screwed up. When i start the movie it begins a few minutes before the ending.


Regarding using ripit4me, please refer to their forum. They will tell you how to overcome that issue.


The 2 huge IFO files are a dead giveaway that it is like Silent Hill (also German). Seems they like this corruption.

I’ll bet the ISO9660 file system is OK and the UDF is not. BTW: This is illegal as far as DVD authoring is concerned and is an absolute disgrace that they can put a DVD out like this.



Yep, total nonsense


just tried it myself. What a mess. NO program works: vobblanker, ripit4me, dvdfab decrypter, anydvd, ayndvd ripper.
DVD doesn’t even play on pc, only in windvd.
Can’t even copy the ifos (crc-error).


Take it back as defective. If they went that far outside the spec then you shouldn’t have to put up with that. Yea, it may be a good movie or whatever, but, that’s just insane.


If all releases end up like this in the future, then :sad:

They’re supposed to conform to standards; sadly, we keep moving further and further away.


This is a simple problem to solve - do not purchase these defective products. If you get one by accident, return it as defective and demand a properly formatted replacement (ie. conforms to dvd standards) or insist on a 100% refund. If they insist you take a replacement, tell them fine - but if the replacement is the same as the previous purchase, it is coming back also. Watch how fast they return your money - and this nonsense stops.


@ Rich86,

Totally agree with your above comments.

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While I agree with you 100%… I wouldn’t want to see how irritating the process will be. Returning an opened DVD… ugh.

Store clerk: Explanation?
Me: Well, it doesn’t follow the specs of a DVD.
Store clerk: So? It plays in your DVD player, right?
Me: Well, my standalone, yes. Not on my computer.
Store clerk: Why is it a big deal if it doesn’t play on your computer?
Me: Well, it should!
Store clerk: Well, I’m sorry, it’s already been opened. It can’t be returned unless you exchange it for the same movie title.
Me: I don’t want the same title. It will act the same way!

Without stating that it cannot be duplicated on a computer [a very BAD idea] then the store will likely play stupid [if they even have a clue] and will refuse to take it back, IMO.

I would fight to get a return if this happened to me… I just utterly dread it and how much BS I would have to go through.

As it is improperly formatted it is simply disgusting that this is what is happening. Personally, if this is how things are going to be then the studios need to put a notation on the disc stating it doesn’t follow the specs and is not a valid DVD.

I would suggest, however, that as these types of protected movies crop up that they be publicized far and wide. Possibly a thread that is stickied and locked. Only movie titles and regions should be listed and no discussions that sidetrack that specific thread.

Just my 2 cents.


@ DrinkLyeAndDie,

You only have to put up with the BS from the DVD store retailer if you allow them to sling the BS in your direction.

Just tell the DVD store retailer that the subject DVD fails to play correctly in your DVD playback device and that you demand a replacement or a total refund. End of the story. The DVD store retailer isn’t going to sit in front of some TV screen and view an entire 2-hour DVD movie frame by frame for some type of “glitch” to appear during playback.