New Prot Hexaloc V2

Was reading around various news sites and spotted a few posts about Hexaloc V2 and how this new incarnation will interfere the cloner nearest and dearest to our hearts :slight_smile: I was wondering if anyone has yet to encounter this beast in the wild and how well the ultimate backup program deals with it.

You can read more about it at if you are intersted in their PR spiel rubish


Is this even true? The mines “explode” causing the program not to run. “Locked” sectors of the CD that the executatable "reads before the program starts? This sounds EXACTLY like SafeDisk. Is this even legit? I clikc on Order a Sample and it was a broken link.

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I click on Order a Sample and it was a broken link.
I was reading a thread in D-Tools the other day and didn’t understand something said by one of the testers…now I suspect what’s going on :wink:

clikc on Order a Sample and it was a broken link.
link appears to be up now…order away

This sounds EXACTLY like SafeDisk

apparently not so…>>>HexaLock copy protected CD’s and glass masters are free from any deviations from the CD standard, and do not contain any physical errors or distorted optical properties<<<

what r you saying then futureproof,you are not clear in your thead

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…,you are not clear in your thead
Deliberately so. I’m not sure of my facts but I suspect others will make it clearer in time.

:rolleyes: I am very interested in the fact that the PR spiel is that Hexaloc conforms with all the book standards and uses no abnormalities :confused: Has anyone heard of who or what is using the protection I really want to have a play with and check out what makes it tick!

I wonder if people realise that all they do when they bring this stuff out is pique our interest and give us something more interesting then CS to do for a couple of days :slight_smile: It becomes a worry when the protection is more fun then the program :bigsmile: