New proposed laws target modchip users in Australia

I just posted the article New proposed laws target modchip users in Australia.

heystoopid used our news submit to tell us: "Here is an
interesting conundrum, as part and parcel of the Australia-US free trade
agreement, Australia is required to outlaw all forms of…

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Listen up everyone. I’m funding a space shuttle to Pluto so copyright law has no way of gettin’ to us. Who’s in?

DMCA will be enforced on every country signing a free trade agreement with the US. :r

Remember folks, laws are simply there to be broken…and what the parasites don’t know about won’t hurt them or you…

I’ve never owned any console, but this is fvsking moronic. If I buy something, it’s mine, and mine only. I can do with it whatever I want. If I want to add bling *** bling, it’s my right to do so. If I want to mod chip it, it’s my right to do it too.

“It’s time to stand…” Yeah, I can see that happening. THE 7 PEOPLE WHO READ MY BLOG WILL KNOW MY OUTRAGE!

There is no such thing as free trade with the Americans. No agreement is ever put in place unless it favors them. Whether we are talking about agriculture, lumber, or the DMCA, American interests are always paramount and other nations have to capitulate in order to do business. This is just another example of why the world is pissed and I can’t believe that anyone would be surprised by now. No news here. :r

Well, having read the article, I’m somewhat confused. It is stated that the new laws will not apply to region code protections BUT the Australian High Court ruled that mod chips were legal under existing law largely because the psx/ps2 boot protection IS a region code protection. :o