New program iFree decrypts iTunes and iPod (mini) music

I just posted the article New program iFree decrypts iTunes and iPod (mini) music.

 fengtao used our news submit to tell us about a new website and software that will set your iTunes free. The software will remove the DRM from  your iTunes with no quality loss! It's in beta,...
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Free all music from the “Chains” of DRM :slight_smile:
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Better yet, just don’t buy DRM-Chained files to begin with.

People better start buying from instead from iTunes crap. No DRM nags and REALLY cheap

You know thats only legal in Russia right? I’m fairly certain it is illegal everywhere else as the companies are not properly compensate from their respective countries point of view.

Pest Patrol detects BTV Dialer in the iFree setup. "Recent restraining orders and pending court cases against BTV industries Court case pertains to 900 pay per dial charges at $3.99 per minute and fake “You won a SonyPlaystations 2 spam e-mail mass mailings.”

Hi mwp_742, We use Nullsoft Installer which also be used by WinAMP, and we can confirm there is no adware or spyware in iFree setup program. Best Regards, Fengtao

That site is down :c could anyone email me the ifree software. I will be eternaly gratefull. :slight_smile: Thank you very much.