New product: PX-708UF2

Supporting (-R) 8x speed and (-RW) 4x speed and other fasters speeds…

Seems to be just a new firmware revision of 708 drive not available for public up to now.

It’s back to 4x DVD-R now.


What do you mean? It clearly says 8x DVD-R burning.

Looks like a dumbed down 712. Faster than a 708, less features than a 712, especially with the Q Check stuff

@surg: Apologies. My mistake, I refreshed the page and then hit the link to my PX-708A. When trying to get back to it, I hit Px-708UF instead and assumed it was just a typo they corrected.

This is a real mistery. On the firmware side the seem to have put 708 aside, not even revisions to cope with new media.
They answered me that they would not increase 708 DVD-R speed and here it come an “UF2” at x8.
They say they will not provide facilities like bit setting, with no reasoning explained, even it would be important for compatibility reasons.

Other makers increase speed and provide facilities through firmware updates, so for Plextor not doing the same a good explanation was something customers would expect and deserve.

Being a dumbed down 712 would be strange. The 712 doesnt have even a “UF”…if it it for transf rate, 1394b would cope with it for sure.

Afterall, by the time I bought my 708A it was rather expensive compared to the competition. My mistake?

I would think it’s more likely that the PX-708UF2 is a PX-712A with decreased write speeds instead of an upgraded PX-708A. It’s always easier to decrease something than to increase something… I’ve just taken a look at the other specs and I’m pretty sure the PX-708UF2 is a PX-712A but with decreased write speeds. The DVD-ROM read speeds, for example, are the same as the PX-712A drive.