New Problems with 24102B

"Are you burning an Audio CD from MP3? If so, the cause is most likely that your CPU can’t decode the MP3s fast enough to keep up with the burner (I have this problem, in fact). "


In response, I tried burning a data CD, it burned in 4 min about for an 80 min CD and then I tried an audio and it took about 8.5 minutes. So I guess my computer cannot decode fast enough, how do i fix this? I tried swithing it to LBA but it didn’t do much.

THe read buffer in nero seems to run out every so often and has to refill, this may be relating to decoding?

Does anyone have any suggestions?


decode your mp3s before burning.
but this will also take time …

so the best thing is to upgrade your system …


you can decode mp3 to wav with music match jukebox

MP3 decoding speed is almost purely a function of CPU speed. So, unless you plan on getting a new CPU, you’re stuck with your current burn speeds. You can decode your MP3s before burning, but the total time it takes (decode + burn) will likely be longer (and less convenient) than burning on the fly.

There’s really no setting you can change to dramatically improve your situation – I just have to live with burning at 16x when I am doing MP3 to audio CDs.


hi, it can depend how you`ve got the writer setup on the ide leads,i first set mine up on the same ide lead as my reader it buffered out straight away all the time,then tryed it on with my hard drive this pulls the speed of your h/d down worked a little better,my m/b only has ata66 ide,i have a maxter 20gb 7200 133ata,was running a yamaha 2100 scsi 16x with no probs but now with 3 ide devices all pulling each other down in data transfer speed not allowing full on the fly speed without using the burn proof it was SLOW. I got myself ata100 card and took eveything off the m/b ide slots,pioneer 106 dvd now runs at mode 4,liteon24x now mode 2 and h/d mode 5 dvd+cdr on same cable will copy mp3s 24x with no burn proof,with duron 800,256mb,
its all to do with cd-rom speed it might say its a 52x but thats not a true speed check the speed of your rom here: