New problem?

Since I installed the last version of DVDFab Platinium( I have the following problem: the software indicates that the copy is finished successfully but when I want to look it on my DVD reader, it starts fine after 4 or 5 chapters the image freezes for a few seconds and restarts again then. I’M using Sony DVD-r. With the old version of Platinium I do not have this problem.


At which speed have you burned, and what is your burner please?

Thank you SmallLittle,

In the configuration of DVDFab platinium (express mode) it is speed recommended . My burner is LG MODEL:GSA-4167B. I don’t know why this problem appeared? I did not change anything with my configuration.
Thank you still for your assistance.

Fab usually recommends maximum speed. Try lower speed, around 4*.

Thank you Hun,
How can I choose speed? I have 3 options: speed recommended, the fastest speed, the slowest speed.
Thank you still for your assistance.

You’re right, with fab you only have three “speeds”. These speeds are a function of your media and burner. I think Hun wants you to choose “slowest” in an effort to get down to 4X or perhaps 6X.

If this doesn’t help, please post back with the MID (media code) and your burner (including current firmware).

Maybe an example will help. (Note the write speeds).
When I burn these TY’s (TYG03) in a Liteon 1693s (KS0B) with express, they’ll burn at 6X when “slowest” speed is chosen.

Thank you, your assistance always judicious and is appreciated. I will test and I will give the results.
Thanks again.

I made the test at the slowest speed and it seems that all is perfect. I also hope that version can also solve this problem I will try with “recommended speed”.

As you get towards the end of a disc, the speed increases. I burned some 2.4X and toward the outward edge the speed registered between 4-6X.