New problem with mb or psu

short (ok, long) version of current problem:
recently put together my first system. I used my old ati 9500. everything was ok. upgraded to an ati 9800 I had and had display problems.

I had read a post somewhere about problems with the 9800 and asus A8V. It suggested disabling fastwrite and setting agp to 4x. I disabled the fastwrite and the computer started rebooting everytime windows loaded for only about 5 seconds. I could not get into bios anymore to change it back. I flashed bios to newest version and same thing. I flashed back to original version, same thing. I called asus and they said sounded like a grounding problem. They suggested taking the mb out of the case, laying it on cardboard and trying to boot again. Big mistake for a newbie like me because when I powered on, my new mad dog 500w psu popped, sparked and smoked. I must have had something touching where it wasn’t supposed to.

I figured I fried everything but decided to try an old cheapo 400w psu. All my fans came on (cpu,case and video card) but I could not boot or even turn anything off with the power button.

I figured I would start rebuilding piece by piece to see where exactly the problem might be instead of buying everything at once, so I got a thermaltake 430w psu and coolermaster centurion case from newegg (I needed a new case anyway)
I put everything together and got nothing, only the green light on the mb was lit. I had no power otherwise. I put the cheapo psu back in just for kicks and like before all the fans came on but that was it.

I know I am probably going to have to replace everything, including the cpu I also just bought. It sucks but I guess I will chalk it up as a learning experience.

I suppose my question right now is do you think my new thermaltake psu is bad. Assuming the mb and cpu are fried I would think it should still power the fans like the cheapo does.

Thanks to anyone who reads all this and has any ideas


Well, I think you shorted out the mobo, I just hope that was all that died! :doh: I would start by clearing the CMOS with your current mobo, just in case that’s what’s wrong. Then I’d try taking out the ram and video card to see if the mobo will beep at you (you need the PC speaker hooked up). If it beeps, it may be that you just fried the video card or ram. Odds are it won’t beep, and your mobo is done. If you replace the mobo, and it still won’t post with the CPU, RAM, and video card in there, try just removing the video card, and ram. The mobo should beep, if it doesn’t, the CPU is dead too :doh: . I really hope you didn’t fry a bunch of stuff, but it could be bad. That should help you trouble shoot, good luck.

Thats kind of strange that it wont power the fans up. Try testing your power supply. Conect a few fans to it, and power it up by jumpering the two pins like it says to here
Even if it doesn’t like you hooking it up like that, it should at least start the fans up for a second before the protection circuitry kicks in and shuts it down.