New Problem with 5005A



I have the 5005A with 3 hour mode already in it, but my problem is today after I finalized a DVD+R the disc won’t play in any other player except a little compact player which barely plays it. It’ll play find in computers, but nothing else. If it matters I will list the disc info and what I’ve done with it.

Disc & Book Type : [DVD+R] - [DVD+R]
Manufacturer Name : [Optodisc Technology Corp.]
Manufacturer ID : [OPTODISC]
Media Type ID : [OR4]
Product Revision : [Not Specified]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,295,104 Sectors = 4,482.6MB = 4.38GB (4.70GB)]
Recording Speeds : [1x , 2.4x , 4x]

  1. Recorded a 2 hour movie in SP mode, paused out commercials.
  2. Recorded a 21 minute cartoon in SP mode, paused commercials.
  3. Recorded a 52 minute cartoon in SLP mode, paused commercials.
  4. Just to fill the disc I recorded a 1 minute home video in SLP mode.

I can’t see the disc media being a problem when the computer uses this brand and other DVD players read them just find.


I had the 5005A Sept. 04 usa build and it did this until I upgrade the Firmware and Drive. After that I had very few playback problems in other players.


D.I.C.E., dude…
there could be a couple of factors behind your problem… But we’ll probably need a little more info to mail it down…

Do your other players play DVD+VR?
Have you checked if Optodisc is on the LiteOn approved list for the 5005 (I’ve forgotten, I usually use Fuji)?
And as implied above, have you updated your firmware?
Have you recorded other discs on the 5005 that have the same probelms?


I just updated my ware so I’ll have to test it again with the Optodisc and another type of disc before I can say anymore. And what’s this DVD+VR? I thought this recorded in DVD video mode.


i heard optodisc are pretty bad. Try a memorex dvd+R


>>And what’s this DVD+VR?<<

Many (most?) of the standalone DVD recorders record in DVD-VIDEO and DD 2.0 but the 5005 records in in DVD+VR and MPG2. This is NOT a disaster by any means but it CAN be a reason why some of these recordings have compatibilty problems with certain players. (Transcoding is the usual remedy, at least for me)

(Also a quick search around this site will reveal a fairly low opinion of DVD-/+R/RW NOT made in Japan for quality reasons but… you know, whatever works)


deadman, are you sure about Memorex? I have had horrible luck, and generally house brands out perform, and have done well with the 5005…however the memorex’s although record, do not do well in other players I have tried…maybe its just my 5005…but I have heard other concerns about their quality control, and multiple suppliers…


I’ve been using Memorex DVD+RW exclusively without incident, one of the few stable thing I’ve found with the 5005!! I use to think the same way about Memorex as you because I’ve had many problems with the memorex CD’s & CD-RW’s!! The memorex DVD+RW’s I purchased from Walmart are on the approved Liteon List: RICOHJPNW11 (4x speed). I don’t know if this was hit or miss, but so far so good!!


thanks had1, I will try the rw’s next time, my bad experiences were with the r+'s,


I used another Optodisc to record an hour and 25 minute movie in SP mode and finalized it. I didn’t bother trying to add anything else and it played on all four players. But just recently I recorded a 6 hour VHS onto an Optodisc until it was completely full and it played only on three of the players. The PS2, portable player and a off-brand player. But it failed to play on the forth which is a Hitachi player. So I think the Hitachi has a problem with VR mode. The first disc probably didn’t work do to filmware, but how can the second disc play and the third disc can’t? Also while I was recording I noticed the occasional screen jitter in SLP mode which sadly records onto the disc.


It’s an all write --yea right!!! It uses an dv25 codac that’s what the player needs to know.


ahem NNOOO!!! Not the audio sync problem!!! Should I just buy the 5006 now?


d.i.c.e - did the other players read r+ before? r+ is funny with older players, typically they won’t work, but sometimes they will work in a player not even rated to do so (a lot of panasonic’s) - most compatible is r- . As far as the 5006 - not much different than a 5005 peformance wise (does have 3hr and vcr+ factory), and although a few posts here and there about it having a stereo tuner and “better”, I had one for a while and didn’t see any difference. The 5005 I got serviced (well actually replaced), as worked just fine - and really uses just about any disc brand fine…although with cheaper discs, you will run into discs in pack, especially large ones (50, 100 pack), that have problems… In theses cases has been the disc, not the 5005.

Also in looking at your posts in this thread, I’m not sure that in the initial 3hr recording, and the 6 hour job, that there was enough space on disc to PROPERLY finalize. The Liteon will do the finalize process, and state successful, even when it really doesn’t do so. You have to leave a couple of minutes on the disc after recording to finalize properly…if this is the case, you were lucky for it to play in any other player than the Liteon…just a thought…


All my other players except one reads +R and -R. One player has trouble with certain discs depending on how it was burnt or type. And I later found out there had to be a few minutes left to finalize properly. The old filmware was probably part of the problem too. I’m hoping the 5006 will fix the jitter problem and audio issues because I tested it again with a recommended disc and got the same problem towards the end after 5 hours use.


No the 5006 has been reported on this site to jitter as well. I have the 5045 and it has a clearer picture then the 5007 or 5005. So most likely it has a clearer picture then the 5006.




Stay away from Optodisc 4x

I recently bought 50pk of these for about $0.24 US per disc ( item 17-130-816) after having used nearly exclusively Ritek. Noticed that the Optodisc AZO dye was not as purple as the Ritek, looks like they are trying to save on the dye. There are reports (
that lighter color dye coatings do not do as well as darker ones. Sure enough, the recording will do fine up to around 70 to 80% of the disc (using my 5005 with DD813S LiteON drive), then I get write and read errors beyond that and if I continued past 80%, I could not finalized the disc and the disc is ruined.

These are okay with PC DVDRW drives for DVD data disc (verified okay with Nero, although how long it will stay okay, I don’t know), but I won’t be using them for LiteON 5005 anymore.


@thrunner - Thanks for the heads up !!!


Where can I get the Firmware update for Lite-on 813S B20G?


Are the last 4 digits of your serial number B20G? If it is, the drive is already updated to the B20G version. If you still need the B20G firmware, try the link in the first post at