New print head, new carts... why isn't my printer printing?

Printer: MP360 Smartbase.

OK, so I had some printing problems recently. Tried cleaning the printer head and then it refused to print at all. In the end, gave up and got a new print head. Still didn’t work. Tried getting new cartridges just in case the carts had dried out even thiough they were wet on my hands. Tried new carts this morning.

So… new print head, new carts - still nothing. I’m at my wit’s end here - could it be soft/firmware? The printer thinks it’s printing but its not (it goes throygh the motion and everything) and it can’t be the print head or carts now.

Please help me guys!

Are these original Canon carts or compatibles? If it isn’t the cartridges, and its not the print head then the cause is likely to be something electronic in the printer itself, fire signal not getting to the print head.

You could try looking on or maybe

I had the same problem with my 3 year old Epson Stylus Photo 830U, tried all the same things you did, it showed the same symptoms as your printer.

In the end I gave in and bought a Lexmark which, fingers crossed, is doing beautifully. SInce the Epson was 3 years old, buying a new (all-in-one) printer wasn’t too much bother, but I don’t know how old your printer is.

Probably about the same but used very little, aso I’m a bit sore about it, especially after spending out on a print head.

DN, I have checked those places out but to no avail although I’ll see what they say about firing heads. Thing that gets me is that it was printing but just printing badly before I cleaned the head. After that it refused to work, even with the new print head.

Thanks guys, I’ll check out the websites and report back after more investigation.

Well, I found nothing relevant at FYOP, and Pixma didn’t even cover the printer.

Um… help? :confused:

deleat printer software unplug USB reinstall printer software use another USB port.

Thanks. Tried that too, no joy. As it’s an all-in-1 I also just tried a straight photocopy and nothing so it’s not drivers or USB related.

As it’s a new head and carts that means it’s narrowed down to the printer<->print head interaction… [B]that must be the case, right?[/B] I know sweet FA about printers so I really need some guidance here. :bow:

Will PC shops know about printers? I’ve emailed Canon but they take days to get back. Maybe I should just can it an but something new (Oh God I’m so skint)?

Trouble is, a PC shop may charge you as much or more than it would cost for a new printer, although you can try. :frowning:

Generally :disagree: normally they will send it back to the printer’s service centre or service agent. Your best option is to try and find a cannon service agent near where you live and get them to have a look at it. But over the years I found with cannon printers it’s a lot cheaper to buy a new one. I had a few repaired trying to save some money and it always costed more than a new one and never worked as well as before.



OK, thanks. I can’t help feeling it’s a simple problem as it was fine then blip it just went and like I say, I’ve narrowed it down to printer<->print head.

The new Print Head broken.

RMA the Print Head.

Remove the new print head carefully. Examine the connections both on the head and the carrier. A careful clean with switch cleaner or iso alcohol using a cotton bud or similar will not hurt and may resolve your problem. Please make sure that the head is replaced carefully and is making the correct contact.

It’s new so I can’t see how it could be dirty…

I’ll try anyway, thanks. I’ve heard it could be the ‘purge unit’. Anyone know WTF that is?

UPDATE: Well, Canon said

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding your Canon product.

From your incident description it appears there may be a problem with the print head. However, the problem could also be caused by an internal mechanical error.
First, please ensure that you are using Canon inks, as lesser quality inks can damage the print head, leading to the problem you are experiencing.

Please try to make a photocopy on the machine itself. If that will come out fine you should try uninstalling and reinstalling the driver. If the photocopy is still the same, the problem may be caused by some clogged nozzles in the printhead and you should perform 2 cleanings and 2 deep cleanings. If still no joy the printer may require service.

If the printer is under warranty, call our repair centre on 08704002080 to arrange for service. If the printer is no longer under warranty, you can purchase a new print head yourself, that may solve the problem, from one of the following 2 retailers:

ISI – 0121 780 6000
CRC – 01483 77 60 60

[B]If the new print head does not solve the problem, the cause is a mechanical fault. In that case you can contact our repair center on the number mentioned above.
…which will mean an engineer callout/collection and expensive fixing bills. Forget it.

To be honest, after all this I find their motto/watermark somewhat of a joke. I’ve edited it accordingly. :clap:

New printer ahoy. Help needed and appreciated here:

had same problem with a canon s330 photo which hadnt been used for a while,cleaned heads about twenty times no joy so i removed print head with cartridges in place then blew into the top air holes until ink came out,had to do it two or three times but fixed and prints just like before,good luck

In short, the print head got sorted… unfortunately I’ve replaced it and still no joy.

Sigh - did a search
…and looks like there’s nowhere local that does repairs… the cost of driving/sending it then getting it repaired is gonna be too much, I’m gonna have to get a new one. What pisses me of is that I just forked out for a new print head, but now it’s been dirtied by the ink tanks I probably can’t sell it on.

Any good UK retailers for printers?

that sucks dude. Ive had my epson r340 for quite a while now. I only use it for some disc printing. I do about 6 to 8 a month. Maybe the odd word document. I had a canon, pixma ip2000 it worked alright, just was crap for photos and chewed ink like a new scuba diver does air. ALOT. The carts may have been cheap but even if i didnt use the printer a month later the carts were empty. My epson has the 6 individual carts, and I spend about 35 pounds or 70 dollars every 3 months or so. :slight_smile: If you get a new printer I’d suggest an epson lol. Arachne how old was your printer??