New prebeta Exact Audio Copy version released, 0.95pb5

I just posted the article New prebeta Exact Audio Copy version released, 0.95pb5.

kool_man reports us that a new prebeta version of the freeware audio ripping software Exact Audio Copy (EAC) has been released. According to the EAC website prebeta 5 has no new…

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Looks good!:slight_smile:

EAC is an overrated dissapointment. For starters the app is around 3yrs old and it hasn’t even hit a 1.0 version. It gets updated only twice a year and the interface is blah. Go use a decent ripper like CDeX that has proper codec support, tons of features, and actually gets updated.
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Personally, i love it. It is a shame that it doesn’t get more updates though. If the author put it on sourceforge it would be kicking a lot of ass in a very small amount of time :d
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CDex is nice for most users, but some just want the better eac. Have a read at teh hydrogen audio forums about tests

Still the best ripper IMHO. Nice to see a new version is out.

The best ripper has always been PlexTools.

For those complaining about this very fine free program; you don’t have to use it and you can get your money back. It may be called beta software by the author, Andre Wiethoff, but it’s better that most similar commercial software. Plextools has more features, but these features can only be properly exploited on Plextor drives, this program works on all drives. Kudos for Andre Wiethoff!

You cannot compare Eac and cdex.While cdex can compare with Feurio in ripping abilities and clearly beats all other windows rippers,EAC is sitting alone at the top…using ""user external encoder)it can encode in any lossy&lossless format,and saying that cdex has much more features is certainly not trye.Also plextools as said above is just for plextor drives so we cannot validate a claim:d Only backside of eac is a nonupdating,but its a partly of that its got everything allready:)

Yup EAC is good software and the guy gives it away and still people complain…what is it with the human race…notice its called a race , i think we ran last :frowning:

Plextools is also free. I don’t have any Plex drive installed in the system right now, yet still use PT suceessfully when it comes to ripping.

Eac is 1 of the best rippers out there use it over 2 year now. And if some people are happy with Cded or Plextools or what ever program u use stick to it. I love the option rip a mix/live cd to 1 mp3 incl cue file.

I used EAC for years, and while the program and the price is great, the programmer is an arrogant bastard! A few months back, I emailed regarding a few program quirks. 1) Windows screensaver does NOT invoke during burning. This is a problem on a machine that is supposed to ask for a password when reactivated. 2) The program forces to front, becomes active application when burning is complete. This can be a problem when for example you are in the middle of an important action in another program one concrete example being an online game, where you just about to do a critical move and suddenly the game minimizes and EAC goes to the front. You know what this arrogant azzhole answered! 1) Yes that the way it works. 2) Hmm, I don’t see that as a problem. Now I am VERY interested in an opinion about this. Is it just me, or does that sound arrogant to you all too?

Could also be someone which receives a lot of these kind of emails and doesn’t have much time. But I could be wrong :wink:

DKDiveDude, I have to partially agree with the programmer. While it’s a specific case scenario my guess is the author assumed you might NOT have a buffer underrun protected burner and kicking the screen saver in the middle of a burn would cause the burn to fail. That’s a big and silly assumption but I don’t have a big problem with it. Your real problem here as you state is that your screensaver is password protected and you want it to kick in. If you are serious about protecting your computer then lock the PC via WindowsKey-L instead of “hoping the screensaver kicks in before somebody sits at your PC”. The second issue you mention I totally agree with, I think it’s rude for any app to think it’s more important than what you’re doing and steals focus. Actually it’s bad UI design but from using EAC I can say the author hasn’t studied too much UI theory.