New Poll: Would you buy a new drive to backup copyprot. CD's?

I just posted the article New Poll: Would you buy a new drive to backup copyprot. CD’s ?.

Our previous poll made very clear that CD Freaks visitors prefer burners that support Subchannel and RAW reading and writing and that they hate buffer underruns and want to be…

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can i? I have done that already…twice…

Yes, of course my dear! :8

not if a crack would solve the probbo… which it always does :slight_smile:

Sure, always done that. As soon as i knew what hardware was able to do the job I get and it paid itself back no crack or others needed and almost no one could copy the work so more copies to make:g

I don’t always get a new writer as soon as a new protection comes out. There are also software tricks to make a good back-up. Take my Plex PX-W1210A for instance. SafeDisc 2 wasn’t possible (at least not working in every CD-ROM) and now with the new CloneCD version is suddenly can make a good back-up of (certain) SD2 titles! :smiley: I bought this drive for $400,- when it was just out and I still love it. I don’t have the money to buy a new burner every time a new protection comes out…