New poll: Why do you visit CD Freaks?

I just posted the article New poll: Why do you visit CD Freaks ?.

New poll: Why do you visit CD Freaks ?

We like to know what u like most on CD Freaks. Is it the mp3-, cdr-, hardware-news or is it the forum or articles? Let us know what u like most, so we…

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Honestly, my home page is Cd Freaks. It is where I go everyday when I enter into cyberspace. The articles are always refreshed & updated often… Often times I return to the site in the middle of surfing somewhere else & find yet another new article. But what I really dig are the minds that are behind this site. Obviously very imformed, I find the masterminds behind this site & most :slight_smile: of the frequent visitors to be of a higher intelligence with a slant towards the technical cutting edge. Yet the information is delivered in a very easy to understand manner - I love to read the reactions to the posts. Many sites have a lot of information but often these sites are written by programmers for programmers. With Cd Freaks, I feel as if one with a programmers’ knowledge is putting it out there in plain English so I can understand it all & get a grip on all of it as well. The Cd Freaks site has an extremely personal touch. One gets the feeling like he sort of knows the dude behind the aka name - the insight shows. I’ve scrambled about all over the net - If it’s one thing Cd Freaks has over many many other sights its’ personality. Put simply - when I go to my Cd Freaks everyday, I learn - & that is what I look for in my web experience - so with all that said - no matter what you do or how you lay out your sight, keep your ‘‘groove’’. Cd Freaks is every bit as good as some of my best industry-standard magazines I get. What I am trying to say is that *whatever you do with the site in the future - just keep doing it the *way you are doing it now with the same conviction & all will be well. To answer your question: I would put the features in this prioritized order: Daily routine; articles & reviews; cdr hardware news; cdr software news ; warez, mp3 & others. **If I have one suggestion, it is to try to key in on the Divx / Dvd tools & utilities scene - soon enough we’ll all have Dvd writers.

I forgot to mention: My favorite part of Cd Freaks is the daily “Scene Newlines” & the highly opinionated reactions that follow!!

I visit cdfreaks several times a day and night (sleep is for wussys) always good info about every thing from mp3 to divx and every thing that got my interest. My respect goes out to all the people who works hard every day to make this site so interesting that i visit it the whole day and night :)SALUTE

I visit CD Freaks cause this site rocks… Always news that I give a shit about and I love the reactions! Lots of useful info on this site and its the first site I check after reading my email… You guyz do a fantastic job! Keep it up! :d

This is my favorite site I use this URL at least 5 times a day I’ts impossible to select a favorit topic 'cause I like them all keep this site alive :+ Tsjaaw

Unlike stvastva, I keep may comments succinct (brief)… No offense intended. :slight_smile: I like CDF for all the reasons listed above. I stay abreast of the CD/DVD scene through this and other portals. But unlike other sites, CDF supplies “news you can use” about the warez scene in general. I have learned about other unrelated software releases and links that the other so-called news sites don’t bother to report. So, keep doing what you’re doing guys. That is, keep up the great work! :4

I am always on the lookout for news about hard and software and CD Freaks is one of the best sites around. :slight_smile: