New Poll: What's your favorite filesharing software?

I just posted the article New Poll: What’s your favorite filesharing software ?.

We would like to know what, to our visitors, is the best filesharing software available. If you want to share your files with other people you will have a lot of software to choose from.


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KaZaa is nice to me :slight_smile:

Edonkey works well for Divx files, since others can’t kill your downloads like they do on Napster. Used Limewire a bit too, but don’t see it listed above. Nice interface but I get killed too often, so I don’t use it much.

Add option: None plz :slight_smile:

Kazaa is the very nice, i think it is the best! haven’t tried the updated versions of the other progies though

I personally think polls like this are stupid. Too much attention is being drawn to programs that are primerily being used for non legal stuff. It’s like publically advertising where the local crack house is, not the best way to keep it a secret and unbusted. I’m sure ass holes (aka Law enforcement agencies and Copyright agencies etc) read this page and providing them with a nice neat list of programs to target isn’t too good an idea. I am curious though, what happened to the idea that:

The goverment is there to enforce the will of the people and to represent them and their wishes.
Is it just me or is this not happening too much? Who (other than the music labels), likes being ripped off and having to pay £15 for a CD that cost them £1 (at the most) to make and distrobute. Who likes having to go and pay another £15 when the stupid CD gets scratched and we need to replace it?

1 kazaa 2 winmx 3 bearshare

By the way - Bearshare sucks. It adds all kinds of crap when it installs itself and whatever the crap is (savenow for instance), it keeps trying to connect to sites, my firewall keeps notifying me of it.

Yeah some of them have spyware in them :frowning: I hate when a progs tries to call home

Well, I think there are a couple of useful file-sharing programs available - Each with different advantages. WinMX: Is great because it is able to resume downloads (Is there any other programs who does that?) and that it connects to many servers simultaniosly. A problem with this program at the moment is that the best server (MusicCity) is down. BearShare: Is great because of the many result on your search. And because it is able to perform several searches at simultaneous. IMesh: Is also good because of its many hits on a search. But a disadvantage is that you can’t see the mp3’s quality. :8