New poll: What's your favorite burning software?

I just posted the article New poll: What’s your favorite burning software ?.

We’ve started a new poll; what’s your favorite burning software ?

Most of you will probably use several program together e.g. CloneCD for protected backups, Nero for your audio needs.

But what…

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Where do we have to vote?

I have 3 main burning progs that i use but without a doubt, nero wins hands down everytime :small in size :user friendly :will burn almost any format I LOVE IT :d

nero for data and game winoncd for audio

Nero for SVCD without a doubt. :g

nero for mp3 and games cdr win for psx clone cd for protected crap. overall is nero the best for me

Without a Doubt…:4 1.Nero Burning(*.mp3 to .cda-Audio Music) 2.Fireburner (.bin…ISOs or PSX) 3.Easy CD Creator 4.02 or above. (Miscellanous)

CloneCD is the best software for copying CD’s and Nero is by far the best for creating cd’s! My favorite out of the two would have to be CloneCD :wink:

Clone CD for Backup´s and Win ON CD 3.8 PE for both - Data and Audio Copy (incl. Mp3´s)

#1 nero. #2 get it on cd for audio.

CloneCD - protected CDs CDRWIN - PSX BlindRead/Write - protected CDs EZCD - MIsc and file backup - audio

I used to burn all my collections of every kind with Nero, since when I had to change my recorder: now I have a Sony 10X-4X-32X recorder (sorry I don’t remember it’s name), and I experienced major problems using Nero with it, so I replaced it with CDRWin for my collections. For my copies I keep using DiskJuggler, that since it’s first release has never deluded me. Very few of you voted for this great program: if you’ve never seen it go to DivideZero and download it just now! :g

Sorry, I’we written CDRWin instead of WinOnCD. I apologize :stuck_out_tongue:

for the first time in my life i burned a cd whith nero :stuck_out_tongue: i am now a real member of CD Freaks :7 . thx to a friend of my. Nero was ok. i understand it now i think.