New Poll: What's the best 1:1 software at the moment

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On the left bottom on the frontpage of our site we always have a running poll. Our previous poll was about the DVD formats. We asked you which format you think will become the standard, DVD+RW,…

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Still voting for CloneCD

Why voting for CloneCD? It Is not able to copy the newest copy protections. Alcohol can copy SD 2.8x, BlindWrite can copy the New SecuRom protection. I choose to vote for blindwrite, but I also like Alcohol. But CloneCD? No, is too outdated!

I vote for CDRWIN since that’s all I use but it’s not in the poll… I’m tired of buying new hardware to beat new copy protections.

Why ? I don’t have any games with newest protection (SD 2.8x,Securom…blah blah blah ) why i need to waste money to buy a new software :r Clone CD is OK with me :slight_smile:

I have not actually tried to backup the latest SafeDisc or Securom yet. But from what I have heard BlindWrite is able to do so, so I would probably vote for BlindWrite.

Yeah amazing how some have plenty of money to waste on hardware but none for software.

I don’t have actualy any SD 2.8 game copy protected CD, but now CloneCD is able to create a working image file of the latest Securom new protected CD, and do it without any special setting! Alcohol need’em!

What do you mean Alcohol Need em! you saying that CloneCD don’t ?? umm if i remeber correctly Alcohol could do this before CloneCD or am i wrong, also CloneCD can not do a 1:1 copy of SD2.8 correct me if i am wrong??

Clone CD cannot do Safedisc 2.8 unless you have an Asus 48x writer. Clone CD cannot do the latest version of Securom with Blackcheck’s twinpeak.

Sorry, I meant to say: “Clone CD cannot do the latest version of Securom WITHOUT Blackcheck’s twinpeak.”

Blindwrite next version will do SafeDisk 2.8 …

Well I can copy SafeDisc 2.8 games in my Lite-On 48x12x48 no problem. Thats becasue its a Safedisc 2.8 compatible drive. The burnt CD’s work fine with NO errors or patching also in my Lite-On 16x DVD reader, also a fairly recent piece of hardware. However, in older CD-ROM drives, the copy does not work, thats because old hardware is not compatible. Time to upgrade. Those older drives cannot properly authenticate the digital signature used to decrypt the program exe, so it can be read as a normal windows program. Invariably the safedisc program will cause a crash, or it will ask you to “Insert the Correct CD-ROM and restart the app…” for SafeDisc games. The only solution I can see to this is have at least 1 recent CD drive!! If that doesnt suit you, then try using something like “InSector” to remove the protection after making an image of the game on your Hard disk, burn that back to a CD and Bob’s your uncle. Ive only really tried SafeDisc games, I dont seem to have any SecureRom titles, anyone know one of the top of their head?

Dunno, I’ve got a Plextor 48/24/48 and tried different Burning Prog’s, like Alcohol 120% and CloneCD 4 for 1:1-burning. Personally I like the no nonsense style of CloneCD. I think it’s very intuitive and burns most of the CD’s I throw at it. On the other hand, I had no luck making a copy of a SafeDisc 2.8 game. Even though I had AWS enabled! It did run in my Plextor drive, but not in my AOpen 9624. But that has more to do with my firmware (1.02) I think. Alcohol has a rather nice interface and works very intuitive as well, although I had to look for the EFM-option. I heard something about GameJack 2, which is supposed to be handling Securom ‘NEW’ and Safedisc 2.8 protections very well. Unfortunately, I have not been able to test this yet, but I’m going to ! :slight_smile: