New poll: What is the most important when buying a CD-RW drive?

I just posted the article New poll: What is the most important when buying a CD-RW drive ?.

Well our previous poll show cleary that most CD Freaks have a 10-12 speed CDR(W) drive. And with 24 speed being the standard, we could say that for a lot of you it’s time for a new one !


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sorry no vote possible yet: but he need to be able to read subchannels (all of them) I prefere scsi (to bad plextor makes no scsi any longer) able to burn all copy protections (SD, …)

Every feature is important, but few more important are, buffer underrun protection, subchannel and raw support, interface, writing speed, and of course the price. :slight_smile:

Um look for something under $150, I guess… Hey, its my dad who likes cheap merchandise! Also make sure you don’t buy something that the sales guy won’t stop talking about because they’re probably trying to get rid of that cheap piece of crap…

It definately needs to be a scsi drive

most important thing is the raw support. after that subchannels, but I really can’t think that write speeds matter that much beyond about 12x - the time difference is so minimal. Buffer underrun is also unimportant.

I think that reading speed, fast dae, buffer underrun, are the least important things if you just have some patience. And from all the different types of buffer underrun protections, it’s pretty obvious no one has any patience anymore to not do anything else while burning for just 10 minutes. (20 minutes in my case with a 4x burner) I think the brand is pretty unimportant too, it’s the quality that counts, not the name. I think that Plextor and Yamaha make very good burners. I prefer scsi interface, full subchannel and raw support. And the price is not important to me even though I’m not that well off. I get what I want, not what I need… most of the time. :slight_smile:

I think all of the above mentioned specifications are important to consider when buying a new burner. I also consider if the burner is supported by the burning software that I use.I also consider the look of the drive,my entire workstation matches from the case to the dual monitors and there support stands. I will only buy burners from Sony,Yamaha,TDK and Plextor.

form me i guess that two most important options when buying a cdrw is a somesort of burnproof technology and also its speed… I dont really know wny people bother to use SCSI anymore they are useless piece of crap i use to use them, they are too overpriced, after all i use my Acer 16x10x40 (some ppl will say what a piece of shit) thats good for u but ive used plextor and Yamaha SCSI before and to tell u the truth it kicks the fuck out of both of them. It does SD2, burnproof and the price is outstanding… And hte best thing is that its IDE and i can play games and surf the net while burnin same shit as SCSI (how the fuck???) its simple use a secondary HDD designated for burning thus leaving ur primary HDD for u to fuck around as much as u want… SCSI is too overpriced with too many alternative IDE drives… just think about it one scsi drive or u can buy a dicent IDE burner and a decent sized HDD that will do the same thing as a SCSI… so to me u all have been ripped off thinking that the NAME SCSI is meant to be good or something…

Subchannel and RAW support For the real backup freaks that know their stuff !

I dont know where you guys all buy your SCSI drives from but mine sure aren’t as expensive as you seem to make out. SCSI fuckin rules. Try copying a 600Mb file from your IDE drive to your hard drive and tell me if your system doesn’t slow down at all. With SCSI it doesn’t in the slightest. What I like in a burner is SCSI, fast, brand (used to be Plex but they dont do SCSI anymore), and what it can do.

My Plex 8/20 support raw-dao, full subchannal, fast&good audio extraction, correct EMF encoding of regular bit pattern (SD2), buffer protection… I don’t know what a buffer underrun is?! It’s a “scsi buffer protection”. :7 But if for you 8x speed is not anought ok, throw it away if you dare!!! :wink:

Hi guys come on. What is the most important when buying a CD-RW drive ? The price of course. How more money you can spend,the better cd-rw drive you can buy.:7