New Poll: are you able to play DVD's?



I just posted the article New Poll: are you able to play DVD’s ?.

It seems that the time has come that almost all major CD-R manufacturers are expanding their product line with DVD capable drives. They have either drives that are able to play DVD’s or drives that…

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no I cant... and I dont feel like I`m missing something… :slight_smile:


Me either cant watch dvds on my pc dont have a dvd rom :frowning: But i do watch my dvds on my ps2 :slight_smile:


I think the DVDromplayer is quite integrated in new computers. Almost every new computer has one, The DVDromplayers aren’t so expensive anymore, they only cost twice much as the cdromplayers, and the dvdrom cost less than 85 USD.


Yes, I have been able to read and play DVD’s for the last two years. Writing is still a bit expensive, so I don’t have the facility. Better still, I can even watch dvds on my TV set through the pc.


I’ve got one since three days, and I have made allready 8 divx movies. In first I didn’t understand it, but now I now how!!!