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At last Plextor has released the information for their new flagship, the PlexWriter 12/10/32A

PlexWriter 12/10/32A Specifications:

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10x Rewriteable?
I think you made small mistake, cause Plextor doesn’t tell that this drive can write on CDRW at 10x, but only at 4x. Would be great if 10x, but now only 4x! I got this Drive at home and it can’t write at 10x on CDRW!!! Just a small mistake.


Yep that’s right… 10X CDRW but it’s not the same as the 12/4/32A…
This new one isn’t yet released (certainly shipping this month)


That’s nice… they want us to buy every writer that comes out… the stupid plextor mofo’s… Just like the rest of the hardware industry… i bet they have the technology to make 10.000mhz processors right now…


What the f**k would u do with a 10000 mhz processor? Test new launch ideas 4 NASA?


I could play my patience a little faster!


The 10x Re-Write is real. The drive is not available yet. What makes no fucking sense to me is that it is IDE. This drive should have been SCSI. I think Plextor is slipping in it’s old age


Very funny… I had a 4X rewrite cd-burner for 1 year in the past, before a 4X CD-RW come out… when the hell will 10X compatible CD-RW come out ???




Hmmm hope there is a firmware update for the 8/4/32A


If you follow the link given, it takes you to the 12 4 32. I hope this is a mistake because I just got my 12 4 32 today and if they’re coming out with a 10x rewrite I’m going to be pissed off!


CD freaks have made a small mistake. Plextor are releasing a 12/10/32, but not until next month.

The page that CD freaks has a link to is the wrong writer page. Info on the 12/10/32 is not posted as yet.

I cant wait for the 12/10/32, because it means that the price on the 12/4/32 will hopefully come down in price.

Those things cost loads especially when you have to spend another £50 on a new SCSI card.


Why would the price of the 12 4 32 come down? That’s a SCSI writer. I guess the 8 4 32 price will come down.


With the some good quality CDR like TDK and Mitsubishi I am sure there are a lots of others, as low as $1.60/CD compare to $15.00 to $20.00 is the CRW really cost effective ? 12X write really sound good specially SCSI one. But most recording software out there are not very happy with 8X or 12X despite what they claim. Specially when recording some media on the fly. Don’t get me wrong I am all for Plextor writers but I think Plexwriter 8/20 is not that bad after all specially since its SCSI !