NEW! Plextor PX760A on!

Look Here!!!


Same old, same old … :slight_smile:

According to the supported media list 18x is supported for +R Yuden and Verbatim media as well as -R Yuden and Maxell media.

According to ‘Recommended Recording Media’ page, only TaiyoYuden 16x (DVD+ and DVD-), Verbatim (MCC) 16x DVD+ and Maxell 16x DVD- media can be written at 18x.
It’s a pity.
What about Prodisc and Ritek?

That’s par for the course. Plextor drives generally offer overspeeding to Japanese developed media because they’re of higher quality than Taiwanese-developed discs from the likes of Prodisc and Ritek. Note, Verbatim discs made in Taiwan are still considered Japanese developed because the R&D is done in Japan.

And you can get it here?

Sorry, but that’s new and old!
LordCroft and hwp, you’re both right! :wink:

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