New Plextor PX 760A Burns Very Slow

I have a Dell Dimension 8200 with Windows XP Pro (SP2) with all of the current MS Security updates. Also installed is NAV 2006, BoClean, ZAPro, and SpywareBlaster. Before burning any media, I shutdown all of the mentioned security programs, plus the screen saver. Saturday, I replaced a Plextor PX 712A with the PX 760A.

Using the Symantec Livestate Recovery Desktop (for primary HD backup), and Gear DVD Standard (for Data Backup), the PX 760A takes twice as long as the PX 712A to record to DVD media. I should note the the media I use is the Verbatim DVD+R 16X disk, recommended by Plextor and is the same brand media (and speed) that came with the new Plextor.

I checked the Secondary ID channel and the setup was Ultra DMA Mode 4. For the moment, cannot think of anything else to check. Nothing has changed except swapping out the PX 712A for the PX 760A. I also tried to find out if the PX 760A has any type of internal diagnostic program but was not successful in my search. Any suggestions and information would be very much appreciated, Sam.

Could this be related to buffer ram?

Are you using the latest firmware 1.02?

I’d also suggest trying different burning programs, or seeing if there are updates to those backup apps listed.

How many spyware/adware internet security softwares are you running???
Is the IDE cable shared with the HD that you have your system restore?? Do a speed read with nero to see if your plextor get up to 16X, upgrade your firmware to the latest firmware. And if you are running Via chipset motherboard, go to viaarena and download and install hyperion driver.

Many thanks to all of you for your replies and information. I should have mentioned initially that I have the latest firmware (1.02) for the PX 760A. Regarding updates for the burning programs, the Gear DVD has the latest update, but the Smantec Livestate Recovery program does not. Recently talking to Smantec about the latest upgrade, the tech person did not recommend upgrading if my current program was working okay. Regarding the motherboard chipset, it is my understanding that it is not a Via board. The Plextor is on the secondary channel as master and the DVD-ROM as slave. Ux-3 mentioned “buffer ram.” Would appreciate further explanation as to what to check for. My physical ram is 512mg

What is so strange to me, is why would the PX 712A work satisfactorily, but now the PX 760A burns at a much lower speed, without any changes to the computer (other than just changing burners). I should note that I did not install the Plextor software that came with the burner. I probably will go ahead and install the PlexTools Professional program. If my understanding is correct, I can check the burning speed with this program. I am reluctant to add anything to the computer at this point until I run out of options to check in trying to solve this slow burning problem. Thanks again, Sam.