New Plextor PX-740A will not show video



New PX-740A will play audio but will not play video on any of my DVD’s.

I also get the BSOD and the computer reboots on about 50% of the ones I attempt to view as soon as I close the drawer on the player.

I am about as new to DVD players as you can get but I am using the Nvidia decoder(trial version) but I clearly have a conflict somewhere.This is after attempting to use two different new NEC players that both did the same thing and were returned.The Plextor is no different.Exact same symptoms.

It’s getting pretty old though as I was looking forward to using the DVD and have fought three different ones for about a week now.

I am running a fresh install of Windows XP and using Windows Media Player 10 without any other problems.Why will the Plextor not play any video?? What causes the BSOG about half the time a retail DVD is inserted just to view.God only knows what will happen when I attept to actually burn something.I need to crawl before I can walk and can not even do that yet…
Thanks In Advance for any help…


Welcome to CD Freaks, longshore.

There is an explanation regarding BSOD in our FAQ: When I insert a DVD disc in my Plextor drive my computer restarts or gives me a blue error screen!

Basically if you have packet writing software such as Sonic DLA, Nero InCD etc try to unsinstall them first.


I read that FAQ thread long before I made my original post…my computer does not have Sonic / Real Player,etc or any other software installed that should cause this conflict but something is clearly wrong.It is a fresh install of Windows XP without any known conflicts.The only media program for music is the Windows Media Player 10.
Three different /new DVD players all cause the same thing…BSOD I have tried two new NEC models and my present Plextor.They all shut the computer down as if I pulled the plug out of the wall,after it boots back up I get the BSOD. I read about an hours worth of related articles last night on these forums about this before I made my original post but have made no progress… ???