New Plextor PX 716UF locks up pc with pre recorded DVDs

Just bought this external burner and installed Roxio 7 and DVD XCOPY. Every time I even put a pre recorded DVD movie into the unit, my Dell pent 4 3.05Mhz 786 ram computer jumps to lock out blue screen full of script about Windows protecting itself, forcing me to manually push power button to get out of it. It does it when I try to back up boughten DVD movies in my library on DVDXCOPY and also just to play them in Roxio 7. I have another pent 4 1.8mhz with same software, XCOPY gold and Roxio 6, with a plextor 708 internal which works fine. Any help?? Or do I just return it to store?

Known issue. See

Thanks so much!!! Sonic DLA was culprit! Thanks bob11879!! Darrell