New Plextor Firmwares

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Where’s the one for the 820 TS

“If it aint broke don’t fix it”

still like to keep our PX-W1210TS’ up to date… we didn’t buy 3 of those drives to just let the firmware go old, did we

old news

hey, have you guys got short memories or what?

read the last article: does this allow the plexie drives to work with SD2?

Anyone knows what the v1.09 fixes ???

I can’t seem to find where plextor’s website mentions this ???

Here are the changes straight from Plextors site.

PX - W8432T V1.09


Reading of overburned Audio discs

Fixed Bugs:

Correction for writing of Acer CD-R media
Read of CD TEXT data (Error detection added)

Anyone know what the 1.01 for the 12/10/32 SCSI fixes?

PX - W1210TS V1.01
Reading of overburned Audio discs
When the audio button is pushed while the tray is open, the tray will be closed and the AudioCD will be played.
Fixed Bugs:
Hang up after many focus retries
Write performance for Pioneer 8X CD-R media
Read of CD TEXT data (Error detection added)

THNX! I didn’t knew this

Anyone tested overburning?

I tried to overburn a CD and when it reached 74 min y got an SCSI command error.

I own a Plexwriter 8/4/32A with the last firmware.

hai die hai,

i used the new firmware and then i can’t burn RA2! unless the backup-copy is in the writer
probs with SD2 just as 1 wrote