New Plextor drive uses burn-proof tech

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STOP Buffer Underruns with the new BURN-Proof technology in the PlexWriter 12/10/32A. One of the biggest…

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Compatible with CloneCD???
if so he’s mine!!!

And the correct link goes to:

I want SCSI!

Plextor writers are actually SANYO writers…
If you open a recent Plexwriter, you’l see they only use SANYO chipsets, and now with the use of BURNPROOF, which is invented by SANYO, it’s even more obvious…

Plextor rules!!!

They have always ruled … and the new Plexwriter is sigt that says thay will keep on ruling

I have an HP 9110i and its great… Burned hundreds of games with no problemz… Thankz to the 4MB buffer it has Ive only had 10 or less coasters due to buffer underruns… Though I must say that BURN-Proof is a well accepted improvement in burning…

Blaah! i’ve got px-8432A /w 4MB Buffer and i haven’t got coasters even if i write on those cheap ritek blanks!

second BURN-Proof not widely used (nero only) and if software has Adjustable L2 cache coasters are history!

Voor een Nederlandse vertaling en info over Burn-proef lees het artikel op onze nieuwspagina

the first time I used one of these to burn mp3 to cd using nero 5 it made a coaster.Does burnproof only work whilst copying a cd?