New Plextor drive px740

Hello guys!
Damn I’ve 3 px716a’s!
Now would be soon released a new burner the px740 :slight_smile:
Similar performance like the 716a but it supports from the beginning
8x DL+R and 4x DL-R here is the link to have a look at plextors new baby :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh, but they’ve gone cheap on us and reduced the buffer to 2 Megabytes! Where’s the 6X for +R or -R DL (4X max for -R DL)! The only thing that looks worthwhile is the apparent introduction of 8X CLV recording… After looking at the specs, I think I’m gonna go out and get another PX-716A before they are no longer available…

I’m now wondering if perhaps the hardware revision 3 of the 716A was not just a “cheapened” version of the previous hardware revision…

@ FordMan
Do you’ve read exactly the report? :slight_smile:
There will be 8x for DL-R, at the beginning supports the drive 8x for
DL+R and 4x DL-R. If you see the little pic with the 740a below, is in
red flashing 8x support for both DL medias, same thing with the 716a
by firmware upgrades. And you’re right with 716 to get one, cause the same
thing was with 712a, 716 came out and meanwhile it’s very hard to get the
712a(was a good burner). I thought about to buy a benq 1640, but honestly
I’ll wait for the 740a and the first tests with it! :wink:

…and CD-R 4x / 8x where are??? These are the “MUST” speeds for burning the Audio CD!

As i said look exactly :slight_smile:

Well I was going to replace my Lite On 1633S with a BenQ 1640 as well but I will now wait for some feedback on this Drive. Maybe it will be a little cheaper than the 716A if they are cutting back on buffer. Who knows??:slight_smile:

That is because this is very probably a cheap clone of some other brand (NEC 3540 or Benq 1640?) and not a true Plextor drive. Notice that there is no support for Varirec, Gigarec or the Q-Check functions! Not even Securerec is mentioned. However 4x and 8x CD recording is mandatory for Varirec and Gigarec. Also notice the from bezel does not have the distinctive black line on the tray.

Who said this that the drive will not support the Q-Check functions?
Personally I think, for me is more important the writing quality and the performance to get a really good result with a really good media.
Varirec, gigarec and this little games i never used till yet! :wink:
Just my opinion

Plus no PoweRec…

Plextor. Perhaps you’d like to compare the relevant Product pages?

Of course this does not entirely exclude the possibility of any scanning functionality (via KProbe or cd/DVD-Speed). But since it’s rather obvious that this drive is not a Plextor drive it’s also quite reasonable to assume that this drive does not use the Sanyo chipset that offers all the nice Q-Check functions as they are accessible via Plextools. I’m quite positive that this drive will not offer Q-Check functions via Plextools.

In the specification is mentioned about background Formatting:

-“Supports Background Formatting”

Maybe Mount Rainier support?


2 MB buffer … that’s ridiculous for Plextor. We will see whether this will be a re-badged NEC or BenQ drive :bigsmile:

And I bet that this device will be a sold at a premium price … still without DVD-RAM support (not even reading), not to mention LightScribe abilities … ahh … but they will add a trial version of Plextools XL :Z

I just did some research:

Dimensions 146 x 41.2 x 177.5 mm (short length design!)
Weight 850 gr

NEC 3540:
Dimensions: 148mm x 42mm x 190mm
Weight ?

Liteon SOHW - 1693S
Dimensions: 145.0 ( W ) x 41.3 ( H ) x 170.0 ( D ) mm
Weight < 0.9 Kg

Benq 1640:
Weight 0,82 kg
Dimensions 146 x 178 x 42 mm

Depending on how a different bezel design changes dimensions and how precise such measurements are in general (width ranges from 145 to 148 mm !), the Benq looks like a good candidate :slight_smile:

Sorry, but that is complete BS … with modern media, 16x is the proven CD writing speed for lowest BLER/Jitter … with the exception of using dedicated audio media which is still optimised for low speed (and is still worse than TY @ 16x) …

Ahh … I see … when writing at 4x, there is more ‘definition’ in the sound and the bass is less ‘boomy’ :rolleyes:

I know what you mean, i’ve compared it,
but i think the best thing is to wait when the drive will be officially
released to see what it can! :wink:

I think you might be correct when it comes to recording. But i see a different problem: What about the reading capability of badly scratched media? I remember reports from people saving audio discs thanks to EAC and reading speeds in the 1-4x range. Also 10x is already quite audible noise wise. Audio-CD playback at 4x is truly noiseless.

Hmmm, and that’s 7 mm LONGER than the PX-716A according to the specs at:

Also, it’s 15% (150 grams) LIGHTER than the PX-716A. Interestingly, the MTBF is more than DOUBLE that of the PX-716A, but the eject mechanism reliability is lower!

Yep, looks like Plextor is beginning to outsource…

I’m wondering even more how they may have cheapened the TLA #0304 that I ended up with, and wonder if I would’ve been better off with the TLA #0203, which was introduced before they started offering all the rebates. Perhaps a fake 8MB cache? (Anybody recall the motherboards that used to have fake memory cache on them?)

Not good, but I suppose they were losing too much market share. Then again, they could take the Sony approach and keep the price of their re-badged drives at a premium, even though it’s a cheaper brand under the premium name…

Sure, but he was referring to burning … :iagree:

I can confirm that Plextools DAE (as EAC) will report the lowest amount of errors when ripping at 8x CLV (with my Premium, at least … didn’t face a situation where I could test that on my 712A//16A)

Rapid Fire,

No, I admit I went right to the specification listing which does not show 8X for DVD-R DL. However, I’ve read enough about how much 4X is better than 6X on current DVD+R DL media, that I doubt I would be tempted to try it at 8X anyway.

I’ve found a few instances when using software that doesn’t support a large software buffer that the 8 MB buffer comes in handy. Every now and then a background operation will kick in and I can watch my software buffer empty, but the hardware never does, and I don’t lose any writing speed, nor does the buffer underrun prevention kick in…

The ONLY think that I’d be tempted by is 8X CLV recording, as I’m not a big re-linking fan on DVD-VIDEO. I used to follow the frequently-encountered recommendations to only record DVD-VIDEO at 4X, but I have tried 6X CLV with the 716A and am happy with it…works in all my DVD players so far!

It will be interesting to find out who is making this for Plextor…

Press release in German:

[I]Plextor kündigte heute die Einführung des PX-740A, eines internen E-IDE Dual-Layer DVD- und CD-Brenners an. Der PX-740A ist wie geschaffen für den kostenbewussten Käufer, der keine Zugeständnisse hinsichtlich Qualität oder Geschwindigkeit machen will und kostet nur 79 EUR zuzügl. MwSt… Mit hohen Schreibgeschwindigkeiten von bis zu 16x ist das Laufwerk ideal für die tägliche Nutzung für private Zwecke oder für Anwender in kleinen Unternehmen, die nicht die zusätzlichen professionellen Merkmale benötigen, die Plextors Flaggschiff, das Dual-Layer-Laufwerk PX-716A bietet.

Der im mittleren Segment angesiedelte DVD-Recorder PX-740A DVD ist in der Lage, 8x DVD+R DL & 4x DVD-R DL, 16x DVD-/+R, 8x DVD+RW und 6x DVD-RW zu brennen. Außerdem kann der PX-740A CDs mit 48x lesen und beschreiben, das Wiederbeschreiben von CDs ist mit eindrucksvollen 32x möglich.

Dank des Dual-Layer-Formats des PX-740A kann der Verbraucher bis zu 4 Stunden MPEG-2/DVD Video in weniger als 15 Minuten auf eine 8,5 GB DVD brennen. Das ist ideal, um Festplattenspeicher zu sparen und Sicherungskopien von DVDs, CDs, Fotoalben und anderen Daten herzustellen. Eine Single-Layer-DVD lässt sich in weniger als 6 Minuten brennen.

Inhalt der Einzelhandelspackung:

PX-740A internes Laufwerk mit weißer Frontblende
Kostenlose Software
Kurzanleitung für die Installation und Garantiebroschüre

Den PX-740A wird es in einer Einzelhandelsversion (weiße Blende) und einer Großhandelsversion (weiße oder schwarze Blende) geben. Zur Vermeidung von Underruns setzt der PX-740A die ‘Buffer Underrun Proof Technologie’ ein. Außerdem sind direkte Aufnahmen auf eine DVD mit DVD±VR (Video Recording) möglich.

Preis und Verfügbarkeit:

Der PX-740A wird ab Juni 2005 erhältlich sein. Er wird 79 EUR zuzüglich MwSt. kosten und über das Netzwerk der Plextor Händler zu bekommen sein. Er wird durch Plextors Fast Warranty Service gedeckt (2 Jahre Garantie in der EU, Norwegen und der Schweiz (Abholung & Rücksendung); 1 Jahr in anderen Ländern).[/I]


To sum it up (marked parts):
This drive is intended for users that don’t need the extra functionality offered in a high end 716a and is inteded to serve the middle market segment. Available in June '05. Price EURO 79 without tax. There will be a bulk (white bezel) and retail version (white and black bezel).

Looks like the 716a is going to stay with us for a while, respectively will be replaced with something else.