New Plextor 760A came with old software - Use Nero 7?

After reading a lot of research (and getting some good advice on this forum) I went with the Plextor 760A vs. their newer model. Primarily to get DL burning capability from my Video editing program (Studio), and the ability to backup to DL DVD.

Well I assumed I could use the included basic burner Roxio 7 software included (I know, boo :slight_smile: ) but turns out version 7 (although still being bundled with the drive) is not supposed to be compatible with IE7. I was not even going to install the whole suite, just the burner part.

So now I am thinking about getting Nero 7 to run with the drive. I still have an ancient version of Roxio 5 that came with the PC/old burner. If I try to install Nero 7 does everything blow up because an old version of Roxio was installed on the PC?

I read a few posts that seem to say if I do not install Nero’s packet-writing software (I won’t, but Roxio’s is on my PC and lurking in the background) I might be okay. However it was not clear. I also found nothing on the Nero support site that might help.

Any advice from Nero veterans appreciated. I know there are free one-task burner tools out there. However I kind of like the disc copying, burning, music CD, backup capabilities of a suite. Guess I would have to find out what those are called in Nero and custom install just those…

Any advice, most appreciated.


There’s a roxiozap.exe around to remove remnants from an old installation.

ImgBurn is the best (and free) DL burning app around (not even Nero will improve on that).