New Plextor 716UF..Is it supposed to be noisy?

I purchased this drive, and when you turn it on it is noisy, I never had a USB drive that made any kind of noise. Does anyone have this drive and can they tell me whether it is good, need to know so I can return it before the 30 days.

What noise is it that you’re hearing?

It’s probably the cooling fan in the case.

Hello,I have two of these,one on top of the other and I sit right in front of them when I am working my computer,I cant hear a thing from them.I used to have Pioneer 108 ext. before and they did make a noise but plextors not a sound.If I were you I would send it back

It is a noisy whiny hum, it could be a cooling fan, but it is as loud as my computer. I have two other USB drives a Lite-on 1633SX and a older Micro-Solutions NEC 1300a and neither make any noise. Thanks for the input.

If it makes a noise whilst burning (or even reading) a disk, then thats to be expected. If it’s not doing anything… then it should be pretty quiet I think.

Does this one have the little fan at the back??

I am not sure if there is a fan, it makes a noise when I turn it on and after it is on for a few minutes it get louder. It certainly does make noise when it burns.

I have the PX-716UF, I don’t know if it has a fan but if it does, I cannot hear it. The unit is completely silent when it’s turned on. It, of course, only makes noise when reading and writing a disc.

Thanks, this drive is definitely being returned I glad to hear that it is supposed to be quiet, never had one that made this noise before.

Just a note thanks to all who replied, I returned the drive and got another and it is blissfully silent. Love the drive, and the support from plextor was excellent. Again thanks for your input.

Just checked yesterday and when I put my ear on the drive I can hear something what I suspect is a fan. It’s not noticeable when you don’t put your ear on the drive :wink: Good to ‘hear’ that the new drive doesn’t have this problem.

That fast?? Less than 24 hours? I supposed you exchange it in the store… well congrats for the new drive.