New Plexcombo and Safedisc protection

I’ve just read with interest the review of the new Plexcombo drive in particoular the part about its performances in copying protected data cds.

Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems that the drive (with aws enabled) can make perfect copies of Safedisc v 2.51.xx protected discs which work perfectly even with the fussy Toshiba dvd rom drive.

Is there any improvement compared with the Plexwriter 40x ?

I mean it seems that the Plexcombo is able to produce working copies of SD 2.51.xx cds and if I remember rightly the new Plexwriter 40x is not able to perform that.

What do you think about that guys ?


> it seems that the drive (with aws enabled) can make perfect
> copies

aws-copies are never perfect.

Yes, they run in toshiba 1502, but that’s only because all these sd2 games are too stupid to identify the amplified weak sectors, which could be easily done with a toshiba 1502.

Plextor 24x and 40x can also burn working backups with aws.

If you want to copy sd 2.51-protected data discs, take the toshiba 1202 (if you need a combo drive). Its slower, but can make sd2.51 backups just as good as a liteon.

If you want to backup protected audio cds, take the plextor. It can handle audio protections as good as any other plextor.

Well, I got a Plextor Writer 40x because my main interest is audio-copy and I’m sure I’ve taken the right decision as you confirm.

What I’m curious to understand is whether the Combo Plex can copy SD protected game cds better than the CDWriter 40X.

From the Plexwriter 40x review it was quite clear that backups could work only in Plextor drives.

So the question which may arise is “is Plextor starting to introduce devices designed to make better backups of SD cds ?”.

Thanks for your reply,

Cheers !


Maybe they’re going to start to introduce such devices, but their latest combo drive does not make better sd2 copies than former 24x- and 40x-writers.

Yes the PleXCombo performs the same results as all Plextor drives (24x and up). I can’t understand why people state that the Plextor PX-W4012A for instance wouldn’t work with AWS. Plextor writers are known to make ‘perfect’ (I agree with alexnoe that if you use AWS, the back-up is not completely perfect, but since it plays in very picky devices I think we can call it perfect anyway) back-ups with AWS enabled. When it’s disabled the copies will only work in the drive itself. Unfortunately I haven’t got any audio-protected discs yet so I haven’t been able to test this with the PleXCombo PX-320A. I might get some soon, but I’m just a student and don’t have a lot of money… If I get some audio protected discs, the review will be updated with the results. For now I think it’s safe to presume that the PleXCombo can handle audio protections, just like most/all Plextor drives.

So you mean that if I enable AWS, the Plexwriter 40 X can make back ups of games such as Medal Of Honor Allied Attack ( I suppose this is a benchmark game to assess the drive ability to copy SD) that work perfectly even in Toshiba DVD drives such as the SD 1302 that I own or the SD 1502 ?


Should make working backus as long as AWS is enabled.

Indeed. Tested the PleXCombo with GTA3 (disc 2) and Serious Sam 2, both having SafeDisc version 2.51.021. Back-ups with AWS enabled played in every device I tested, including the picky Tosh drive. When reading the discs though, I use a safe 4x (I’ve seen reports that a higher speed can create a coaster with certain drives). Writing is done at full speed.

Thanks very much for your explanations, guys.
Very clear.

Just another curiosity (hope not to sound too boring !), why do ‘purists’ (if I can use this word) regard AWS-backups as non- perfect copies even if in practice there is virtually no difference between AWS and No-AWS copies ?

Following what you have just explained Plextor drives are not that bad even for users interested in making back ups of protected game CDs.
With AWS enabled you get the same results as Lite On’s, it may take more time but in the end the results you get are the same.

Am I right ?

Its regarded as “non” perfect because the software has had to intervein to make the copys work everywhere, those sectors (weak) have had to been ampliyfied, because of the lack of correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns. The Plextors support “almost” correct EFM encoding of RBP, and are correct up 'till and inc SD v2.51.020, its the v2.51.021 revision of SD2 that “destroyed” the Plextor’s credibility for pure perfect copies… :wink:

These copies are considered “non-perfect”, because it is possible to distinguish them from really perfect copies:

If you read an AWS-copy with a Toshiba 1502 with CloneCD and error correction switched off, then you’ll get read errors where weak sectors should be.

I don’t know if any other drive is capable of this.