New plex tools pro 2.18

Just found this on plextools site not linked yet to download page but its on the server.

Thanks KenW! :wink:


Thanks KenW! :slight_smile:

Yeah, thanks KenW!

Thanks KenW!

KenW, thank you for this.

P.S.: The different language versions seem to be on the server as well. This is the link to the German version, for example:

Many thanks KenW from me too :slight_smile:

Cheers m8t! wow wonder whats new!!!

Links appears to be dead now :frowning:

The entire PlexTools website seems to be down at the moment…

At least it says that Plextor people read this forum. :slight_smile: The file is about 9Mb.
Little bit difficult to send it via mail. Roman.

With the new update to PlexTools, does this mean Plextor will some how try to fix alot of the problems assoc. with how the 716a performs while scanning media & burning discs? If not, maybe they will update their firmware in the near future which would be great. One question, it seems ppl know how to modify NECs FW like liggy and the TDB, but is it hard to modify/make new Plextor FW?

I missed it :frowning:

A nice new feature of PTP 2.18… FLAC support. :smiley:


Yeeeee-Haaaaa !
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Ya! I found it by doing what I like to do , look at the link to last update and then edit it to next number. I do this with software and fw to check all the time, but it looks like once plextor noticed people downloading it, they pulled it. I guess they dont like us getting it early. :frowning:

I can host the file. if you can send it :slight_smile:

That is funny, Nice job!!! :wink: :wink:

Damn, looks like I got home late… :sad:

What are the updated changes to 2.18 from what ppl have seen so far (besides FLAC support)