New plex owner perplexed

Hi all … yes another newbie…!
Before I unleash my kids with their new Fifa 2002, I though I’d do a backup… Before you think. oh here we go again.! I have done alot of reading (hours) and was very confident I could do this… 3 coasters later… not so confident…:frowning:
I though one of you good people could help me?
I have Clone CD v3.3.2.1 , Clony to help me with my settings, even the Clone CD database to refere to.
I know it has Safedisk v2 protection… my settings are
Fast error skip Yes > Read 4x Retries 3 Error Correction Software
Speed 16x (media i have) buffer protection, Amp weak sectors, close session and I’m writing RAW DAO.


My Plex setting DMA enabled
Auto inser enabled
Disconnect enable (not sure what these should be)

My Plex is 2 days old v1.02
#0202 (very new, with noo fan)
Oh and I only have this one drive at the moment

Is it the media ? do I have to hide this info?

Thankyou for any help

I guess you have the 24sp Plextor writer, allthough you don’t mention it… :wink:

Use the search function with search-argument: fifa2002 or safedisk 2. A lot of topics on this subject available!

With the 24sp there should be no problem copying Safedisk 2 protection!

Good luck!


Safedisc 2 games are hard to copy so just install and use a crack.:smiley:

Disable ‘Amplify Weak Sectors’ when writing. Your Plextor PX-W2410A doesn’t need it. In fact it will probably make a coaster like you described. The AWS option was intended for writers that would normally fail to make a good SafeDisc 2 back-up. Your writer can. For more info read this.