New Plex 716AL, any good for DL burning?

I found a new Plextor 716AL from shelf.
The Firmware 1.02 seems to be rather outdated and I couldn’t find any newer FV from web. Is it really the last?

In fact I was searching a better burner for a DL media.

I wonder, is it 100% compatible with media and could it be still 100% usable in 2010?
Or Do I need to get a new OPTI 7240S DL?

I guess media parameters belong to the drive firmware or is media compatibility just part of burning software application?


1.02 is the latest Firmware for that model.

The 716AL should do a fine job burning 2.4x and 8x Verbatim +RDL media at 6x speed each. It’s 6x CLV writing strategy is even faster than some newer drives that do 4x-6x-8x Z-CLV !

Yes media support is part of the firmware and not the burning software. Media support in the 716AL is good. Only the newest 8x DL media are probably unknown to the drive. However since there are very few DL media besides Verbatim that can be recommended without reserve it doesn’t really matter, since the drive knows the Verbatim media.