New Playo 16x DVD+R is MCC004?

I heard that this year, Playo DVD+R 16x sold at Staples is actually MCC04 (made in China). fake MCC?

I am still waiting for my order delivery. But I am curious to see whether anyone has tried it out these media …

Made In China MCC = FAKE
Made In China TY = FAKE

Made In Singapore , Taiwan or India MCC = genuine
Made In Japan TY = genuine

That is for DVD media , Verbatim CD-R media Made In China is reported to be good and genuine . :slight_smile:

minaelromany: This is correct.

Playo has already been selling fake Ricoh media (DVD+R DL). So these Playo discs are most likely fake, or (if you have luck!) low B-grade.

thank you guys. But I think I still will give it a try.

plus, someone just posted a review on vcdhelp:

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Comments posted by Tony from United States, November 25, 2006:

Wow, what can I say, I am amazed!! I got a 60 pack of this media at Staples for 3 bucks on black friday. Obviously they have a fake media code (since when did Playo use MCC??) but the burn on my crappy 8x burner on my laptop was excellent (avg 3.15 PI, 0.07 PIF with the entire disc burned, no increase in PI/PIF errors at the end of the disc). I burned it at 8x. With such a good burn I am wondering if it actually is fake…oh well, its the best burn quality that I have had with my laptop dvd burner yet, so I am very pleased. I will have to try them out in my benq 1655 sometime.

Additional information:

Burning reliability is Good.
PC reliability is Good.
DVD reliability is Good.
Media color is Silver.
Media text is Playo.
Media package type is Cake Box. Number of discs 50.
Media made in China.

I have seen a scan of the Playo MCC004 (in the Bargain Basement forum I think) and they definitely did not appear to be fake. Results were similar to MCC004 from Verbatim, an unlikely result if it was a faked media code. I ordered some online but have not gotten them yet. However I will say that in the past I believe all Playo media was made in China, so I’m not sure what the deal is with these discs.

Well if it works good than yay but it may screw up in a short period of time, you can never be sure.

If they are like 3 bucks though for 50, that is cheap as hell :stuck_out_tongue:

Dynex used fake MCC 03RG20 media for their Black Friday cheapies, why not Playo? I think the thing to look for is an “IFPI” in the inner ring of the disc, those are very common on fake media.

But also on genuine TDK 4x DVD+RW (PHILIPS 041, made by CMC).
And, last but not least, IFPI codes also show up on lots of pressed CDs. :iagree:

$2.98 for 60. If you trade in your empty ink, you get them for free. :clap:

I’ve tried some fake Sony media with fake TY code MIC and the initial burn was very good , but the discs are very easily scratched and became useless in a matter of weeks , I knew they were fake discs but had to try them to know what to avoid in the future :bigsmile:

Did they become useless because of the scratches, or because the discs themselves were unstable?

They might be genuine MCC even if they are made in China. Prodisc has built a factory in China. I have prodisc media made in China. Prodisc make MCC media. MCC cd-r is already made in China, most likely at Prodisc’s factory.
So it quite likely they are real.

I find it highly unlikely that Staples would be selling counterfit products. BUT, the Verbatim coded Playo discs do not get very good scan results. Here is a post of a 16x DVD+R coded as MCC004 that looks poor:

and I received my $3 60-pack yesterday of 16x DVD-R and they are coded MCC03RG20 and my first scan was rather not that good, but I had not turned off Smartburn, that might have been the reason.

What about the Serial Numbers on the discs?? PAPA??

Can anyone confirm they are Genuine or Fake?

scan method is wrong. 5x for NEC.
nec3550 is not a good scanner anyway, not even as good as 3540

Unfortunately it’s not that simple. NEC drives can be very picky about the scanning speed and individual drives have different “optimal” scanning speeds, with strange or even ridiculous scans being produced at other speeds.

Neither of my NEC/Optiarc drives produce useful scans at 5x, but 12x and 1x are usually OK for PIF scanning.

nec3550 is not a good scanner anyway, not even as good as 3540

As for NEC drives not being good DVD scanners, I agree.

so, anyone wanna confirm the fakeness. This is really sad though…the thing about companies being able to use fake codes. Is this even legal? Must be, otherwise, how can so many companies get away with it?

In any event, that scan on Slickdeals is essentially worthless for judging this media.

‘Faking’ a media code is not illegal as I understand it, after all it’s not as if they are advertising the media as being anything other than ‘Playo’ brand media. If they were faking a media code and advertising it as ‘Mitsubishi Chemicals’ media or Verbatim, then there would be a problem. Regarding whether or not the discs are fake, I doubt they are fake judging by the scan I saw with about 200 PIF and low PIE levels, as I’ve simply never seen any faked media perform like that. I’m guessing that bear17 was probably right that they are being made in China by one of Verbatim/MCC’s outsourcing manufacturers such as Prodisc or CMC. I don’t know specifics on what sort of plants either one of them have in China but both do have at least some presence in China. P.S. - I have a spindle of these same discs myself but I haven’t burned a disc yet. I’ll burn one in a minute and have some input of my own based on the results.

Burned and Scanned at 8x with DW1650

The only writing on the hub is “722M” and “DVD-R”

Actually burned very similiar to a recent Verbatim 16x DVD-R burn on this drive.

First scan is the Playo, second scan is the Verbatim.