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i won a contest for a ringtone i created last week, so having just bought the kids a new psp, i opted for this xcopy9 psp app that evidently the same company making the ring tone app makes. kind of new to the whole thing, but we put 3 movies on the stick, i really like it, but my question is,

not knowing alot about this psp, is there a stick i could maybe get 5 or more movies on? i went to the BB store, no help there.

I don’t have a psp but that stick should be a memory stick duo. Unfortunatlly, it is a propriatary sony produce (I think lexar and sandisk are the only other ones licienced to make them). Be sure and buy a jar of vasoline with it as they cost about twice the price of other memory cards but yes you can probably get bigger/additional cards.
You will need to find out what kind of memory sticks it can use though as thier are diffrent kinds. Memory stick and memory stick duo can only go up to 128mb. Memory stick pro and memory stick pro duo can go as large as 1 gig (thats the bigest I have seen but thier may be larger). As far as I can tell from the specs on sony’s site, the psp only uses memory stick duo (duo is much smaller than regular full size memory sticks). The included card is suposed to be a 32mb (but I cannot see getting three movies on that). What size is yours? It should say what the size is on the stick itself.
Also, read your manual (or maybe someone else farmiliar with them can answer). It would really suprize me if it cannot take memory stick pro duo, but check the manual before you get one to make sure.
Here are memory stick duo’s

Here are memory stick pro duo’s

actually, I just found the psp manual online. It will take memory stick pro duo so you can go all the way up to 1 gig cards. it will not take regular memory sticks/memory stick pro so make sure you get the smaller duo ones.

Whew!!! you weren’t kidding about the vaseline. LOL. I just about had a stroke when went to the retailer. Thanks for the warning. I got lucky though, I sent little message to support people asking a couple questions on the product, I may have complained a bit, not that it was their fault, but put a little nudge about Sony, LOL. I almost passed out, fedex delivered two duos to the house the next day. LOL. Not sure why they did it, but who really cares, took the sting out of the one I bought. lOL. sent it to their info. LOL. I think i will start making little gripes on everything i buy. Free Stuff. I will take it. Thanks again for the help and warning, it did help cushion the blow to the wallet. LOL.

BB just recently started carrying 2 gig sticks, if i remember right they’re sandisk only $169, but don’t quote me on it.

I have started to boycott BB, I am switching to another. The one by us has the rudest people. It almost seems that is part of the interview process. “Tell us, are you prepared to be rude to customers who spend money in our store?” LOL. CC and CS for me from here on out. Wow, i am on the soapbox today. Sorry bout that. LOL.

Sticktoit, what ARE you talking about? Who sent you two free memory sticks? And why would they? What, are you a reviewer or something? And what is that link doing in there? What has that got to do with anything? And be carefull with all that laughing, you might bust a lung.

So either you’re excruciatingly happy and exciteable, or could it be…

I paid 80$ for a full size 1gb at fry’s (on sale). If anyone needing one is still watching this thread, fry’s had the 1 gig duo for 70$ a couple of days ago!!! If it is still that price it is well worth it (online only though). I have a friend at that works at fry’s and 10 percent over margin for the duo’s was 86$ (thats thier discount). The full size one I got was priced to low for them to get a discount. Regular price at fry’s is over 100$ though. You would be better off going to newegg if they are not on sale.