New Pioneers - discuss

Hello. I currently own the Pioneer DVR-112D(L) and had been meaning to buy the Pioneer DVR-115D. Well, now apparently they are already passed the DVR-115D.

What is the newest Pioneer series, is it the 116D?

Should I get the 115D? Keep the 112D and wait til 116 or later?



My Pioneer 115D is the [I]BEST[/I] DVD burner I have [I]ever[/I] had-eh!!

I own a 116 and a 112 and I love my 112 actually I own 4 112D’s, If I were you I would get another 112 or a 115 stay away from the 116 for now trust me

If you want me to recommend you a burner the best quality/consistant burner to date (In my opinion) is the Optiarc AD 72xx

I own 3 of these and my best burners by far. I can get burns on TY media with under 50 Pif total 4.38Gb burn!!

Free shipping too you can’t go wrong here

You can order a 115 directly from Pioneer for $34.99 w/one cent shipping.

[QUOTE=DVD_ADDICT;2117860]You can order a 115 directly from Pioneer for $34.99 w/one cent shipping.[/QUOTE]hmmm comes in silver (Two Degrees would like that). And it works with Vi$ta! lol

I have a 215D@L and it’s been one of my favs. It works with Vi$ta also…why do they put that in there? My Plextor Premiums work with Vi$ta…