New Pioneer dvr 111d wont burn - help please




I have just installed a new pioneer dvr-111d burner, but am having some trouble. It plays dvd’s ok, and the kids games, but I cannot seem to burn with it.

Nero automatically selects my other dvd burner to use, and when I select the new drive from the ‘disc info’ drop down menu, nero hangs.

Am I doing anything obviously wrong? It seems nero recognises it because it is in the drop down menu. Help!!!

Windows xp sp2, P4.

Thanks in advance - Pornodoll.


Welcome Pornodoll (funny nickname).

If possible, update Nero to the latest version.
v6 this should be and for v7 then


You can alternately try using Ones Software, the trial can be downloaded from


Make sure your master and slave jumpers are set correctly. Windows may let you get by with incorrect jumpers for playing dvds but software that directly acesses the drives will hang.