New Pioneer DVR-109 not able to detect any CDs,It seems like its trying toload the cd

Please help me solve this.

I put a music cd or a game cd in nothing happens

i cant run the music on the cd or the autoplay doesnt even show up…its like doesnt read at all.

what may be the cause. please help me.

If you can read DVDs and not CDs, your drive is defective and has to be RMA’d… sorry for the bad news. Can you actually read/write DVDs?

If this is a new install, do you have an 80 wire cable, required for the 109.

Required to burn DVDs at more than 2.4X, but not to actually access the discs… :wink:

Not really. I have come across two 40 wire computers with 109s where the drive did nothing until I installed an 80 wire cable.

OK, didn’t know that. So it’s definitly something to check here.

Yep, things can go weird in any case if no 80wire cable is connected to the 109 models.

109s are a freaking bear to install but are usually good drives out of the box!
Please read other posts on this issue!

80 wire
bios update
bios settings
software update/ nero etc!
FW update
mobo drivers update
windows SP2
windows update

Just a few that have caused problems in the past! And many more! But a nice drive! enjoy!