New Pioneer BDR-209DBK bad burn?

Hi all,

I just bought a Pioneer BDR-209DBK burner based upon reviews. I burned a Verbatim BD-R with it at 4x speed using imageburn. Media is rated for 6x. I ran Nero discspeed to see the quality of the burn and the results were worse than I expected (see images). I was hoping for Ave. LDC<13 and max PIF<4. Should I return the burner?

Also, is there any guidelines using discspeed for determining when is a good time to reburn a disc? I have had some discs good bad (unreadable) and would like to reburn disc before they are about to go bad. Googled around but couldn’t find anything that answered this.

I don’t fully trust the iHES112 as a scanner, but can you try scanning with ODC (OptiDriveControl) to see if the scan looks the same?

rysktkr - In addition to trying ODC, I’d also suggest scanning at 4x.

Thanks for the input guys. I did try ODC 1.51. It is real flaky on my windows 10 machine. For the quality test it spins up and then stops most of the time. I was able to get through 3/4 of a scan then it crashed. That scan looked very similar to what I got on discspeed. The max BIS was identical (24) and the average LDC were nearly the same and the graph looked the same.
As far as scanning at 4x, I’m not sure how to do that. Disc quality as options for Maximum speed for CD and DVD but not sure how to adjust this to get 4x.

OK, I ran discspeed at half the default rate. The scan was very slow but the results appear to be the same.

I installed ODC 1.70 and was able to get this to run. Here is a scan of a Verbatim DVD burned at 4x rated at 16x. The results look really good. Any idea what the one spike might be…dust?

The disc quality results on the same DVD using iHES112 drive below so to compare with the Pioneer drive using discspeed and ODC . The result appear to be the same for ODC and discspeed. The burn appears to be excellent for DVD.

Results using same BD-R with ODC 1.70 below. Appear to be the same as discspeed.

Can we assume the iHES112 drive provides accurate disc quality results for BD-R given that the DVD quality result were the same for iHES112 and Pioneer drives?

Yes, the spike could be dust or a smudge/mark on the disc. Otherwise that scan looks good.

Please re-scan the disc with the iHES112 and Nero, but on the Disc Quality screen on the right side under the Settings option, there should be an option to scan at 8x. Just FYI, I always scan BD-Rs at 4x and DVDs at 8x (unless it’s an Optiarc scanner, in which case 5x is best).

Albert has a nice summary of BD-R scanning drives somewhere here on the forums, but I can’t seem to locate it right now. In summary, your best options are the discontinued Lite-On iHBSX12 drives (or clones; X = 1, 2, or 3) which you can find on eBay, a discontinued Samsung SE-506XB (X = A, B, or C) drive again on eBay, or the WH16NS58DUP drive which is available at RunTechMedia (and probably other places). Albert will let us know if I missed anything.

Hi Jad,

I was not able to get ODC to scan at 4x. It spins up then stops. I was able to get it to work for 8x. Take a look at my previous post. You might not of seen it seen I was editing it while you were posting.

Thanks for clarifying about 4x in ODC, I missed that. Regarding your last point, I would definitely not conclude that your iHES112 provides accurate BD-R scans just because it appears to scan DVDs well. The iHES112 can read/write DVDs and CDs, but can only read BDs. I believe the general consensus around here is that BD writers are much better scanners than BD readers.

From what I remember it chipsets Sunet SC6330C (LiteOn iHES 112\212\312 -3) not allow for proper testing BluRay media.
Only CDs and DVDs.

Thanks guys. I went ahead and bought a new SH-B123L on ebay for $60. I will be retesting with that once I get it.

Hi guys,
I got my new Samsung SH-B123L and was able to run ODC without issue. It was rarely able to get it to run with iHES112 drive. The results of my new Samsung (results shown below) are much better than the iHES112 drive (results shown way above) using the exact same disk. Albert was spot on. Don’t trust the iHES112 for scans, The results are still not what I would have expected for BD-R. Should I send this Pioneer drive back?

Congratulations on your new SH-B123L. Your results are not bad for currently available VERBATIMe. Many drives burn them with about the same results. I would not rush to send your drive back until you’ve burned and checked a few more discs. Do you have any other type(s) of BD-R to try?

I agree; that’s a pretty nice result. And as jadburner asked, if you have any other BD-R available, trying that is worth a shot. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. Unfortunately, that is the only BD-R media I have. I bought Verbatim thinking it is the best BD-R media available…