New Pioneer A09/109 firmware 1.58 (Aug 29 2005)



Revision 1.58

1.58 Changelog:

DVD-R DL Writability has improved
+R Writability has improved


RITEKR03 revision 02
Quality is MUCH better than my tests with 1.50, but this could be due to the media quality variability.


RICOHJPNR03 burnt @ 12x


LDS03 @ 8x.
Burn process failed (due to defective disc).
Complete garbage discs purchased under the “GQ” brand.


thanks for the info! Much appreciated, look forward to flashing.


Come on Buffalo!


Hey Guys! I noticed I had to check the performance box in Quiet drive to get a fast rip! But boy was it fast! Standard mode does a slow rip! Very strange!


OH Yeowee! You need a disk in the drive for the modes to show!


Hmm, unless its changed with this new FW thats not true, you dont need dvd in drive to check/change modes, you cannot check/change it while a dvd is in drive unless you eject tray.

Again this may have changed but i cant install Fw now till downloads complete as i normally reboot pc after it.


Why did all the instructions that first explained how to do the 109 to A09 switch say to select Performance? If the Quiet Drive default setting will “switch when needed” [assuming that means when ruipping and not playng] why would you want louder playing from the Performance mode?

Or does the "switch when needed’ refer to DVD data disk reading and not DVD video ripping. Is there a difference?


You do need a disk in the drive to set Quiet drive on my computer also to use DVR update (intel mobo-MS problem of some sort/very common) and performance mode lets you rip/read fast(reading/ripping fast is not what the designers mean in auto switch when needed).
The other two modes are worthless to me since I use my stand alone to watch DVDs. It all depends on how you use it! Nice burner for my use.


has this fixed the 16x media writing problems ???


8x Memorex DVD+R CMCMAGE01 written at 12x.
Quality is not the best…


“GQ” brand OPTODISCOR8 @ 8x
Results look good.


Personally, I haven’t had any trouble with 16x writing on the Pioneer A09.
MCC004 @ 16x.
Results are excellent.


Philips brand CMCMAGE01.
Burn process stayed at 8x on this CMCMAGE01 disc.
Results are much nicer.
Recommended write speed for this media = 8x.


As shown above, there are huge improvements in the burn quality of Optodisc OR8 media with 1.58 versus 1.57. I burned this media specifically as it burned with marginal quality on 1.57, with similar results as posted above. When burned with 1.57, there PIE error rates were about 10 times higher and the PIF rates about 20 times higher. Nice work Pioneer!

Unfortunately Prodisc R04 is still only supported at 12x albeit with the PIF rates cut nearly in half and average jitter about 1% lower compared to 1.57.


you guys are funny sometimes. Why are you even bothering to extensively test single layer media when the changelog states the ONLY changes were to Dual Layer media? I really don’t think you guys are seeing squat in your tests but hey…

DVD-R DL Writability has improved
[B]+R Writability has improved[/B]


Thanks Quikee

Another note: The publicly released changelogs do not always list all of the specific improvements/enhancements of the new version. In this case the only way to identify the improvements is by testing. :wink: