New Pioneer 109 owner

I just got a pioneer 109 FW 1.17 and this scan has high PIE and it also never made 16x on verbatim dvd+r 16x.
This is the newest FW correct? Is there anything else I should know? I guess there is no riplock removal as of yet for this drive is there?

See other recent posts in this forum, please. FW Pio v1.40 and Buffalo 8.40 are available, but do different things.

NILS, please read this and help us peeps on 109, tweak the 1.40 FW and add ur Xfor16x and riplock removal

Thanks if you do (still smiles not working for me must be popup software)

Whats with the PIE? Its crazy.

I have rookie. That doesnt help answer if other have this PIE with these discs and if theres a fix for it.

The disc looks fine… it has a quality score 97 which is pretty good. But you should really upgrade your firmware to v1.40…

How come? Whats the advantage for that version?
Bare in mind that I am new to this section of so although these questions have been asked and answered a lot already, the search tools can be very broad, so I appriciate your help.

Just update it cause more times than not most updates to all software and hardware bring improvements

My 16X burn on this media with FW 8.40 (Buffalo 1.40):

Could a dying power supply be the cause of my drives only making it to 13x-14x on 16x discs?

I would expect a bad power supply to trash a lot more things than just the top speed of your burn. I also ssem to recall that 16X is a theoretical top speed that is only actually reached at the end of the disc and I know it can be slower if the drive is adjustion the burn quality on the fly (I know this happens with NEC and I think Pioneer has some version as well. I think what you have is what you should expect.

I tried all four of my drives the 1610 (in an external case so I didnt expect it to hit 16x) the 1620 never went past 13x, the pio. 109 hit 14x and the NEC 3500 went the same.
BAsically they all hit the same speed, so is it the size of the file wihich 4.7GB and the drives normal behaviour, or is it something else. These are verbatim 16x.

I have 7 different types of 16x dvd media, and my 109 (1.40 firmware) only hits 16x speed for the last few MB. It actually burns quicker at 12x!

I have never been able to burn any media at less than 6.00 with my 109, whereas my LG 4163 can burn at 5.16 mins.

Thats insane, I should return this for an LG, before its too late

How should that fix such problems not coming from the drives…?

Over at the LG forum they have numerous posting with 16X media burned at less than 4.30 minutes. A very fast drive.

But I agree. There is nothing wrong with your Pioneer. It will do better with -R media, and a lot of people would argue with me if I tried to assert that my LG is a better drive than the 109. There is a lot more to quality than speed and any drive will take a little looking to find a compatible 16X media. I recall that there are some media that are not so good with LG either.

It will fix it because then I will have a drive that burns at 16x , you know since thats what its supposed to do. :slight_smile:
Such a big deal over these 16x drives and there not even that much diff. from the 12x drives of the last generation.


I am not aware of any such burns.

I assume your 4.30 minutes is a typo for 5.30 minutes? :slight_smile:

Never heard of 4m40s burns on full capacity of a dvd but verbratuim specify you can burn in upto 5mins so i guess thats possible on best writers doing CAV on dvd+r.


“The advances that Verbatim is making, is nowhere clearer than in the world of recordable DVD media with the introduction of 16x DVD+R discs. Now 4.7GB of data or 120 minutes of video can be recorded in just 5 minutes.”

So all those 16x burn screenshots I’ve seen here must be fakes then. :bigsmile: