New Pioneer 108 fw 1.18 hacked by :NIL>

Last release - found at . Great work! Improves even the original 1.18 release…

if bitsetting would’ve been included, it would have been even more ‘greater’… so for now, i guess i will stay with the piodata fw… thanks though

You don’t need bitsetting unless you have a really old DVD player, XBOX or a PS2.

My old PIONEER DVD-525 standalone is 6 years old now and has no problems playing back +R/+RW discs. :iagree:

You never know Gradius might modd the PIODATA firmware for you. :bigsmile:

By the way thanks NIL for getting this one in before the 31/01/05 retirement date. :smiley: :sad:

Well, it’s been said & prayed constantly, but there will be always people which will like “to hype” Bitsetting…
Anyway, have Fun!

hm, you guys are really anti-bitsetting :eek:


although i think an nx4all feature would be great just for testing purpose, i don’t think it would be essential for my burning needs. i’d rather have a slow burn, where the possibility of producing errors is lower. therefore i’d wait an extra minute any time. nevertheless, it’d be interessting to test the strategy overrides a little. until then, i’ll keep the gradius PIODATA v1.18 RPC-1 + 12x Ripping Speed…

I’m not anti-bitsetting both my Lite-On drives have it turned on, all I’m saying is that you don’t need it unless one of the situations mentioned above arises. :wink:

So not to have bitsetting is no big deal and if it is needed you can use the PIODATA firmware. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m happy with the standard 1.18 fw, but like you i would like to see if the strat swaps make any improvement in the burn quality of my media. :iagree:

I have the Pioneer DVR-108 and have never changed the firmware from the factory original.

Should I change the firmware? I am about to buy some DVD+R for the first time EVER…and I keep hearing people mention “bitsetting” and I have no clue what that is. anyone care to explain? Also, if I am going to change firmware where can I locate the best one to change to?

I have been through pioneer dvr-104 all the way to 108 so I know its easy to change them, but never thought about doing it on my 108.

Does anyone have a direct link to the PIODATA firmware upgrade? Also, do you just check “bitsetting” in nero when burning to a +R disc? Like I said, I am a DVD-R person and +R burning is new to me. Even after 5 years of DVD burners…heh

LIMBO “although i think an nx4all feature would be great just for testing purpose, i don’t think it would be essential for my burning needs. i’d rather have a slow burn, where the possibility of producing errors is lower.”

That old myth nowdays, the longer you take to burn media the longer you heat and distort it, if you burn media at rated speed it should be fine, although yes errors can happen with hardware inc pc/writer/media and software to.

To overspeed media is yes not ideal but once you find good media thats works for you its fine, but burning all media like cdr to dvd slower than rated thinking your doing it any favours is untrue.

The bitsetting is of no good to me in any players both pc dvd drives or standalones that ive played my 8x datawrites (grey) burned at 16x icause they aint failed to play yet, with any NILS firmwares, i aint tried a burn since i flashed to his 1.18 and im just greatful he did this so close to his retirement instead moaning about bitsetting in his prob last thread.

I personally thank NIL and wish he could hang out long enough to sort out the 109 drive as we seem to be getting firmware by the week and so far its a joke IMO.


  1. i’m not moaning, read my post again. i was trying to say that it would’ve been even greater if bitsetting would have been included than it already is. of course i’m very greatfull for any firmware that is beeing released, especially if they have some nice extra features.

  2. the actual burning speed you can select is just an average of the writing speed during the whole burning process. in order to meet this average some writers have to burn faster than the actual average speed at some point of the dvd/media, this could be at the beginning or at the end of the disc. not all kind media in combination with the actual firmware of the drive is made for this kind of speeds. besides 4x and 8x media has been introduced to the market for quite some time and the hardware producers aswell as the media producers clearly have had more time to improve their product. in conclusion to that, maybe you can get my point…

LIMBObtw it wasnt pointing to u alone just in general, beggars cant be choosers me inc NIL did good work and i take what i can get :slight_smile:

U could call me one of bitsetting haters if you like (i would like if there but i can easily live without) :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say the speed u select is the max end of speed at end of burn btw so its nice cheat for manus, 16 may pip 16.5 or 17x for secs but it still noly reaches 16x near end of burn not a average.