New Pink floyd pulse DVD only in 4.3

I have just bouht the new pink floyd pulse dvd and i am dissapointed that it is only in 4:3 ratio.It looks terrible on my widescreen tv.Can i use any backup program to change it to widescreen and then put it onto two dual layer discs to enjoy the concert better?


It will be 4:3 as that is how it was broadcasted when it was shown (early 1990’s). It was also done on video rather than film so that will affect the quality. You should be using 4:3 mode anyway as the TV will just stretch and distort the image.

There are ways to make it widescreen but don’t bother as you will likely just crop it and lose more picture. I used DVD Rebuilder and CCE to make a excellent backup.

can i just run it through dvd decrypter to a iso and then burn back to a dual layer or use clone dvd and anydvd would that give the same reults?


You can do that. I would do a ISO with DVD Decryptor and burn with Imgburn 2.0.