:::NEW::: Physical copy protection

u want to protect ur projects, try this

I’ve tried a new, unique method for copy protection.
NO software needed
100% anti-copy guarantee
Never copied neither manually on hard drive or as an image

Click here to view it

LOL this is crazy

Nice job, intresting to see how easy it actually is, if it works as easy for everyone. Maybe some more people over here will try it and try to beat it.

good one :slight_smile:

Nothing is ever 100% guaranteed.

Whilst this will certainly slow people down when it comes to making an image it wont stop it.
And the data in the middle session has no protection at all and can simply be copied to the HDD.

That’s a very dumb idea. You can unbalance the disk this way.

Such “protection” will be easily defeated by using any software which has an option of “fast skipping” errors.

In short, it’s a poor man’s safedisc!:smiley:

The is quite a flawed idea. Isn’t part of the point to be able to READ the data stored on the disc? If someone (eg., windows) is able to access the files then anyone can.

Did you tick CloneCD to skip errors? I bet it would copy it.

You must also consider, if the files can not be copied to the HDD
“Of course, manual copying to hard drive will stop before reaching project files”

Then how will you ever retrieve your protected data if you need it…
Isn’t that a catch 22… no… wait… its actually worst

Hehehe…this guy has posted his method on a number of backup forums… I think it is a stupid idea. I for one would never want to scratch my CDs when you could use a program to insert bad sectors into an image or make files which can’t be read hence creating a bad sector (CopyKiller, LaserLock Etc.)

I agree with all other people as well…how can you retrieve the data you need…it might stop copying but it will also stop reading…

@ Everyone, DoMi

I’ll give it a go and waste a CD while a take a break from CD Freaks to finish off the guides for post 2000…:slight_smile: And i’ll post the results with my last remaining post(s).


I have alread done this several times, it will make image ripping slow but not impossible.
And you can simply copy/paste the data from the second session to your HDD, obviously you cannot copy/paste the contents of the entire CD or it will error.
Its a simple matter of trial and error as to what files you can/cannot copy to the HDD.

what would be the life time of a cd like that…now the protective layer is damaged.

some people have weird hobbies

could tools like cdroller get the data of?

CD Data recovery tools that can see and save what is in each session would make the process very easy.
And yes CDRoller can recover a suprizing amount of data from my CD, but again trying to recover all the data from every session would be very time consuming. The easiest and fastest way is to select each session and try to recover the data, if it hits an error just move to the next session.

A better idea would be to create a single track/session image, with these 150,000 “mass” files included with the project files. Then (via some tool), modify the image so these 150,000 files would be read errors. Then burn. Your resulting cd would be mostly filled with errors, and only contain “islands” of readable data.