New phone scam threatens you’ll get arrested if you don’t call back



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A new phone scam has emerged in the United States, where people are called at home and told they have to pay a fine or will otherwise be arrested. The scammers pose as a police officer and state the called party has committed an offense.

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The interesting thing about this story is that given how corrupt and surreal the justice system is becoming in this country, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if something like this were actually going on.

Has anyone seen the latest New York Times article on our burgeoning banana republic?


I had one of these happen… but the office was in SF and out of the local jurisdiction which was a dead giveaway. Others are probably more subtle… but it always bears checking out…

Calling on the phone is the easiest type of scam to run… if something is mailed… an official address and phone number of an org can be checked out and verified. BTW, most legal actions against you have to use the MAIL as primary notification… because impersonating and committing fraud through the mail is a FEDERAL crime… over the phone it depends… and has more grey areas (ie charities or scams running out of foreign countries).


If your voicemail says this " If you disregard this message you alone are responsible for the legal actions that are taken against you." you should know you are being scammed.