New Phlips DVD8631 is JUNK

also if anyone does reply i will need them to email the cvt files as all the links above are down.

With BQflasher you do not need CVT files!

ok with that being said what is the BEST firmware for the dvd8631

:EDIT: when i run benqflasher.exe it says loadlibraryaspi32.dll but i downloaded it…

:EDIT: NOw that i have that file it says error initializing aspi, then host adapter inquiry failed

then the program loads should i still run it.

Well I think the firmware i should use is b7v9 but as this may ruin my drive I just want that extra…“Yeah thats a good firmware” I have benqflasher but it still gives errors so i am afraid to use it…Please any assistance would be great.

You need to put the aspi driver in the same folder as BQflasher and the FW.

whatever FW is the latest for the 1620/pro is the one to use.

well i guess you cant delete posts LOL

thanks…got it all set up…And i love my new Benq 1620pro…Just have to undo it know and go back to phillips 8631 firmware cd21 because at first it wouldnt flash to gd30 (the newest phillips firmware) so i made dell send me a new one…Well I guess i get a brand new 1620 instead of an old 1620 because the first thing i do is flashing my new drive.

Once again thanks everyone

AS i posted elsewhere i have the opportunity to trade my crossflashed benq 162pro for a BEnq 1640 free of charge… Just wondering if i should do it or not…Any sideeffects…

:a We’ve only had our Dell 4700 for six months now … used the Philips DVD8631 only about 25 times for burning CD’s and less than 10 times for DVD’s and today it just “died” !! :a Sure it’s under warranty, but what a piece of crap :doh:
Have to go through Dell Tech. Support and play the game… just to get some “refurb.” that will probaly last less than another six months… YES, it’s been reflashed to the latest Dell firmware (3.0) back in August '05 and just reflashed it again (same rev. over same rev.) but nothing changed… it records CD’s but they cannot be read on any other CD player and when we try to record DVD’s it makes coasters out of the Verbatim DVD+R (which work flawlessly in MY Sony DRU-810A/rebadged BenQ 1640) and a message comes up it wants DVD-R :confused:
Should I RMA it, throw the Dell “replaced” unit on eBay for $15-$20 and buy another NEW Sony DRU-810A ???
How can they claim this Philips is a BenQ 1620 (rebadged) ?? I DON’T believe it !! :a

You could read the beginning of the thread and come to the conclusion that maybe cross-flashing it to a BenQ DW1620 might set it right (I’m assuming all 8631s are DW1620s).

I left my Philips 8631 as is, and using dell’s CD21 firmware. I burn cd’s, and dvd’s with no problems, and maintain high quality. I only use quality media, so firmware isn’t really an issue, and the only thing I don’t have is the qsuite software ability, which I don’t need, as I also have the Plextor PX716 which will do all that.