New Philips DVR filters out commercials

[LEFT]A new DVR from Philips can filter out commercial blocks and ads from recorded TV shows or sport games. The DVR’s hard drive recorder analyses its recordings, but marks all the ads. After tonight’s movie is recorded the DVR analyses the recording. When it notices commercials it easily puts a mark at the start, and at the end of the block which enables you to skip it with one button press.

The used algoritm recognises ads through a few standardised parameters by Philips. Does the recording contain any subtitles and what’s the audio level are two questions that play a role in whether the DVR notices the commercials. [/LEFT]

[LEFT]Philips claims that the DVDR5570H had a success rate of 90-95% during tests at the company’s lab. If by any chance companies will change their ways of advertising Philips says it will gladly come with a firmware update. Secondly the company stated that the ad-skipping feature only works on recordings and not when the ‘time-shift-function’ is turned on.

Besides this great feature, Philips’ new DVR can also save a total of 300 hours of video on a 250GB hard drive disk. A DVD burner is also installed to make sure your recorded content can also be saved on discs.

The DVDR5570H is available now and costs €300.[/LEFT]

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