New philips DVDr 75 will not work



I recently bought a Philips DVDr75 New Old Stockoff of Ebay. Philips customer service just told me the fixes which was on their site already which was absolutly not help at all. They also will not recognise the warranty, even thought the unit has not been registered.They have an expiry date that is set by the build date and as I did not buy it from a “store” they will not help.
The unit has a problem in that it will not come on after it is put on standby. Once I can get it on I can set it up and it seems to work. I can then turn it off and on okay. If I let it sit for a while on standby (over night) and try and turn it back on, the time will turn off, Philips will show up on the display, it thens turns off and the red record light will comes on.
I then have to try and reset it by unplugging and pushing the standby button on as I plug it back in, which will sometimes work but it takes a while. If I leave it on it will work but I cannot do timed events. Any help will be appreciated



To cure these known problems you will need to upgrade the firmware from the Philips website.




I’m don’t really know what your problem is, but I might try checking the battery to see if it is so low that it can not hold any settings, and thus maybe starts from scratch each time. Wish I could be of more help.