New Philips DVDR 7200: +R DL rec; 5.1 rec; Freeview

…thus apparently leapfrogging the competition:

“Philips will add to its current line-up of DVD recorders with the arrival of the DVDR7200, a £400 system due for release in May. The DVDR7200 features an integrated freeview tuner, both dual layer DVD+R/RW recording with 5.1 audio recording capability and the full-colour ‘Guideplus + Interactive’ programme guide, which enables on screen recordings up to seven days in advance. Connections include HDMI for high quality digital transfer of video and audio and two RGB Scart sockets.”


There’s even a picture of it…

Is this the first model (from anyone, not just Philips) with a freeview tuner and DVD recorder? I don’t recall any others.


Do they mean DVD+R DL and DVD+RW DL??

The Sony GXD500 has Freeview, HDD and records to DVD.

Although it sounds like it, I suspect not…

Maybe some marketing BS like… +RW DL ready…? :slight_smile:

Whoops, wrong about the HDD.

Have a look at this site for a list of future Philips DVDR’s

I’ve been spoiled by the (different) “convenience” of HDD recording and would be interested in this model if it had HDD capability.

Maybe I’m “DVD-recorder’d” out after 3 years and am now waiting for the next “revolution” rather than tedious evolution.

On the other hand, I can’t wait as many years as some will be able to!!


New issue of Home Cinema Choice (UK) says there is a HDD version of the Freeview DVDR7200 appearing in the Autumn…

The sony may sound & look good, but a recent review said that the only form of editing was delete and copy… :(:frowning:

I have had a toshiba RD-XS32 for a few months now, and I will say it is well worth it to learn the complexity of the controls - you can do pretty much all that you would do with a PC, (copy, move, delete, edit out ads with fine precision, copy out part of a recording to make a new segment, merge two or more recordings in any order, etc, etc, at high speed…) and the functionality - no-fuss recording, and trick-play is great…

I am also looking to replace my old DVD player (most newish DVDs will play DVR and PC content better than my old one!) and I was sorry to see that the sony wasnt that functional… :frowning:

I’ll have to just wait for a good review of this phiillips… :slight_smile:

No-one was recommending the Sony, for precisely the reasons you suggest. The implementation of the <plus> format on this machine seems to be still a waste of programming space.

Hopefully you will not be affected by the problems of Toshiba disc recognition, posted elsewhere. Get the media code of the discs you are using, and stick with them…

Reviews of the Philips will indeed be interesting.

So the editing is better than using DVD-RAM to edit on the PC then?

PC editing is equivalent irrespective of whether you use DVD-RAM or ANY other unencrypted DVD media as source material.

What is certain is that. for now, HDD editing on a CE device and PC editing are very different processes, suited to very different skills.


I just remember people comparing the two facilities about a year back saying that using DVD-RAM to edit and then burn to DVD-R because the DVD recorders’ editing abilities are limited, but then technology is not static and things may well have changed since.

It’s probably easier on a DVD standalone recorder generally but not as powerful as PC abilities, that’s my guess. But as long as either does the job then you could scrap the need for DVD-RAM/DVD-RW for editing and do it on the DVD recorder’s hard drive. I have no experience of either so I’m probably taking rubbish. :slight_smile:

Actually I find it easier on the PC. There’s nothing so unintuitive than fumbling around to do on a remote control what is light-years more straightforward on a PC given the right software.


Yeah that’s the thing with PCs, with so much software available, you need to pick the right ones, but sites like can help you try out various softwares. :slight_smile:

…or go for a tried and trusted PC method, as found in Loob’s signature.