New pc

graphics card nVidia PCIe -

windows -
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium

CPUs Socket 775 -
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600

Monitor LCD 22 inch -
Acer X222W

mouse -
Logitech UltraX Optical Mouse

housing -
Arctic-Cooling Silentium T3 Pro

DVD-reWriters Serial-ATA -
Samsung SH-S203B

keyboard -
Logitech Classic Keyboard

Motherboard Socket 775 -
Asus P5B

Harddisks 3,5 inch IDE -
Western Digital Caviar 250gb

memory DDR2-667 -
Kingston ValueRAM 2 GB DDR2-667 Kit

how about this setup?

does anything need changing?

i want to play games,internet and burn dvd’s with this setup

btw i already got an external plextor px755uf to take care of the burning

What about your power supply? You want to get a good quality supply for sure.

What cooling will you use for your CPU? If your planning on overclocking you might want something other than the stock cooler.

The only thing i would for sure change is the memory. I would replace that with some good quality PC6400 (800MHz). The other components in your system and with some good Air cooling. That CPU will run close to 400Mhz FSB with an overclock. (if your RAM can take it).

thx for the fast replies:bow:

i never overclock my pc’s

the power supply is 500w and it comes with the housing

the housing also has 3 ventilators

Do you know what the power supply will be? Brand and specs???

In some cases companies ship cases with crap power supplies and you can’t go by the Wattage rating so you might want to look into this a bit it can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

this is the case

Doesn’t give much information does it?
If it was me (because I am anal about PSU’s lol) I would call and find what amps it puts out for 3.3v, 5v and 12v because you will be mad when you fire it up and it don’t run right because the PSU is not up to the task

The AX-500F was tested with the following configurations:

AMD Athlon FX-62 CPU
2 GB Ram
2x ATI X1950 XTX (Cross Fire)

Intel Core 2 Extreme CPU
2 GB Ram
2x NVIDIA 7950 Gx2

Its Seasonic, and one of the best.

If your not overclocking, you should still try and get a low latency ram 4-4-4-12 or lower.

You might want to consider one of the newer chipsets for the MB. The P35 chipset is out now and they cost the same as the 965P chip that your P5B has. Biostar and MSI make affordable choices that are rated well. The P35 chipset supports furture processors.

I’d rather go with Corsair Value RAM but there’s no point in going Geil l33t overclocker Deluxe memory / whatever brand. Bad compatibility and performance boost is close to none.
You might want to have a look at Corsairs HX-series since they’re made by Seasonic and are in general slightly cheaper than Seasonic branded PSUs.

IDE Hard Disk - that a typo?

You might want to have a look at the C2D E6750 and the E6850 on or around the 22nd of this month. Both have higher clocks than the E6600 and are G0 stepping which require less voltage and produce less heat, They will be about the same price.:slight_smile:

I would not get an IDE hard drive for that system, given that the i965 chipset does not have native IDE support (the chipset supports four SATA devices, while IDE support is implemented with an add-on third-party chipset). Instead, I would go with a SATA hard drive.


for gaming the 8600gts won’t cut it at your monitor’s native res, if you can hack it an 8800gts 640mb would match up perfectly with your monitor…there are rumors about upcoming price cuts on the 8800 series, but nothing confirmed, so waiting a month or two might pay off big, or it might be a big waste of time. if you can’t afford the 8800, then an x1950pro 512mb would give you better performance than the 8600gts at about the same price point, but no dx10. unfortunately the 8800gts 320mb just doesn’t have enough vram for 1680x1050, its fine for about 3/4 of current games at that res, but most future games will get killed by the lack of vram

no, both those mobos use ddr2

The P35 chipset can support DDR2 memory, but is really designed for DDR3 memory support, as per Intel:

They also have 105C rated caps… good stuff. Got the HX620 in my home PC right now.

Dennis should have no worries over the quality of the power supply fitted to the case. I have an Artic cooling set up and if they are using the same supplier as they did for mine I can attest to it’s quality.